FaithfulWowozela 1.0.0

Play any sound with just your cursor!

  1. ipodtouch218
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    A faithful recreation of the Wowozela addon for Garry's Mod

    A Wowozela is a special kind of instrument, which changes its pitch based on your player's pitch. Comes with fancy particle effects based on where you're looking and all!

    /wowozela off - Turns off the Wowozela
    /wowozela <sound> - Enables the Wowozela with said sound

    wowozela.sound.* - Gives permissions for EVERY sound in the game. (Find a list of every sound here! 1.8, 1.16)
    wowozela.sound.<sound> - Give permission(s) for the specified sound, or sound prefix.

    wowozela.sound.entity - Gives access to every sound starting with "ENTITY_" (every sound from every entity, note there is no *+)
    wowozela.sound.entity.creeper - Gives access to every sound starting with "ENTITY_CREEPER_" (every sound from creepers)
    wowozela.sound.entity.creeper.death - Gives access to only the "ENTITY_CREEPER_DEATH" sound.

    Demo Video:

    If you need any help with the plugin, want to report an error, or have any suggestions/recommendations, contact me on Discord @ ipodtouch0218#0400!