Fake Commands 1.0

Has commands like fake leave, fake join, ect

  1. Forbidden391
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11

    Fake commands is a plugin that allows you to fake leave/fake join and fake op/fake de-op people. All of the messages for the commands like fake join/leave and fake op/de-op are customizable. Please note this is my first plugin I have made that actually does something. So all criticism is welcome :D

    Leave all suggestions here: Read the top of the page

    FakeJoin: This displays a fake join messages
    FakeLeave: This displays a fake leave message.
    FakeOp: This displays a fake op message to the user you choose
    FakeDeop: This displays a fake de-op message to the user you choose
    FakeReload: This reloads the config for the fake commands plugin

    FakeJoin: FakeEssentials.fakejoin
    FakeLeave: FakeEssentials.fakeleave
    FakeOp: FakeEssentials.fakeop
    FakeDeop: FakeEssentials.fakedeop
    Or for all of the permissions use: FakeEssentials.*

    # Supported Color Codes
    # &0 = Black
    # &1 = Dark Blue
    # &2 = Dark Green
    # &3 = Dark Aqua
    # &4 = Dark Red
    # &5 = Dark Purple
    # &6 = Gold
    # &7 = Gray
    # &8 = Dark Gray
    # &9 = Blue
    # &a = Green
    # &b = Aqua
    # &c = Red
    # &d = Light Purple
    # &e = Yellow
    # &f = White
    # Supported Chat Formats
    # &l = Bold
    # &m = Strikethrough
    # &n = Underline
    # &o = Italic
    # &r = Reset
    # &k = Obfuscated (Random letters)
    # Use '%player%' to get the player's/fake player's username
    FakeJoinMessage: "&e%player% joined the game"
    FakeLeaveMessage: "&e%player% left the game"
    # Use '%player%' to get the player's username and '%user%' to get your username or the server console name(Note: The console name is CONSOLE instead of SERVER)
    # Depending on where you are running the command
    FakeOpMessage: "&7&o[%user%: Opped %player%]"
    FakeDeopMessage: "&7&o[%user%: De-opped %player%]"
    # Set this to true if you want the whole server to get the op/deop message
    BroadcastOnOp: false
    BroadcastOnDeop: false

    To-do List:
    Make error messages customizable.

Recent Reviews

  1. GhastB
    Version: 1.10
    Not such a good plugin. This is more to boost the amount of ressources. Please do some more interesting and cool plugins.
    - Ghast
    1. Forbidden391
      Author's Response
      I will do, just remember this is my first plugin I have released. I thought I would update the fake leave/join and fake deop/op plugins as my first released plugin. Thanks for the review :D