FakeAdmin 1.0.1

Troll noobs into thinking they are administrators!

  1. KingFaris10
    What is FakeAdmin? FakeAdmin is a plugin that allows administrators to make players asking for admin/OP a "fake administrator". Fake administrators can use commands built into this plugin and custom plugins using this plugin's API and it makes it as realistic as possible. For example, /nick does not really nickname them, but it shows in chat as having a nickname for only fake administrators. Same with coloured chat (if Essentials is enabled). Another example is /kick, which hides the target player from all fake administrators, and then after a random amount of seconds between 5 and 24, it shows them again.

    The only downside to this is that a fake administrator's chat is in a different format (still customisable) but does not change any tags such as their faction, etc. This can, however, be done using a custom plugin, hooking into this plugin's easily usable API.

    • Troll players.
    • Spy on the commands a fake administrator uses.
    • Disable/enable commands.
    • Fully customisable messages, including command messages.
    • Hidden command.
    • Friendly developer API.
    • Custom fake commands can be implemented.
    • Essentials mute and vanish support.
    Built-in commands:
    • Ban
    • Kick
    • Mute
    • Nick
    • Tempban
    • Unban

    Commands and Permissions
    |N/a|fakeadmin.exempt|Players with this permission node cannot be promoted to a fake administrator.|
    |fakeadmin|fakeadmin.command.fakeadmin|Permission to use /fakeadmin command. This is required to gain access to any other fake admin command.|
    |fakeadmin reload|fakeadmin.command.reload|Reload the FakeAdmin configurations.|
    |fakeadmin admin <player>|fakeadmin.command.admin|Promote/demote a player to/from a fake administrator.|
    |fakeadmin clear|fakeadmin.command.clear|Clear all the fake administrators and reset all bans/mutes/kicks.|
    |fakeadmin list|fakeadmin.command.list|List all the fake administrators.|
    |fakeadmin spy|fakeadmin.command.spy|Spy on the commands fake administrators use.|
    |fakeadmin whois <nickname>|fakeadmin.command.whois|Find out a fake administrator's username from their fake nickname.|

    All messages to players are configurable, including commands. To not send a message, e.g. when a fake administrator becomes a fake admin, set the message to two apostrophes (i.e. blank). E.g. ''

    There is an amazing API that is easily usable. It allows developers to add custom fake administrator commands, and handle chat messages in a different way.

    Custom command tutorial: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/fake-admin/pages/developer-commands/

    Handler tutorial: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/fake-admin/pages/developer-handlers/

    Source code: https://github.com/KingFaris10/FakeAdmin

    Javadoc: http://www.kingfaris10.me/plugins/fakeadmin/

    Bugs and suggestions
    Feel free to post suggestions such as new commands (do-able) in the comments! Private message me if you find any bugs, do not write them in the reviews, but comments are fine too.

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