FakeLogin 3.1.1

Send fake Leave/Join messages, almost 8000 downloads on Bukkit!

  1. pramsing
    FakeLogin is a lightweight Plugin which allows you to send fake leave/join messages, to trick people to think you logged in or out of the server.
    This plugin works best with a Vanish plugin. Like the /vanish command in Essentials.

    Ever tried where you vanished and people noticed that it didn't say you logged off? That can now be fixed!

    How To Use
    Type /fakeleave or /fakejoin and the server will send a fake leave or join message, after that you can vanish and people will think you're gone.
    I will hopefully upload a video showing it soon.

    How To Install
    Drag and drop the .jar file into your plugins folder.

    /fakeleave - Send fake leave message - Permission node: fakelogin.fakeleave
    /fakejoin - Send fake join message - Permission node: fakelogin.fakejoin
    /fakejoin <PlayerName> - Send fake join message of the name - Permission node: fakelogin.fakejoin.other
    /fakeleave <PlayerName> - Send fake join message of the name - Permission node: fakelogin.fakeleave.other
    Customizable leave/join messages, so if you have custom leave/join messages, you can still use this plugin, just edit the config!

    Known Bugs
    None so far!
    If you find any bugs feel free to tell me.

    Please rate this plugin.
    Please tell me why you like/dislike this plugin, and how it could be improved! :)

    This plugin uses MCStats/Plugin Metrics!
    If you're wondering, what is this? Very simple! This plugin gathers the following information > how many servers are using the plugin and how many players are on those servers in total, nothing else!
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Recent Updates

  1. Bug fix: Config not creating properly
  2. Buf fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. Jimo
    Version: 3.1.1
    it works very well but i got a suggestion u should add to the plugin, its a suffux at the start so it looks normal and i can show u wat i mean join my server ip is play.jimomc.com thanks
  2. youngmulti
    Version: 3.1.1
    Simple plugin that works great on 1.14.2 . Im using Paper Spigot and it doesnt lag or crash the server 5/5
  3. aboood-bah
    Version: 3.1.1
    It's good but not functional for every server
  4. Revision342
    Version: 3.0
    Good plugin