FakeTrollPlus [Over 40 commands to troll your players] [1.8-1.12.x] 3.6.0-BETA

FakeTrollPlus - New large-range trolling plugin for server administrators

  1. FTP v#3.4.1 - Major configuration improvements and bug fixes

    * Significant config changes - dozens of hard coded messages have been made configurable
    * Updater Optimizations and enhancements in the version checking algorithm
    * Fix of the /portal bug, which has been there since the early releases (https://github.com/SparklingComet/FakeTrollPlus/issues/1)
    * /explodeblocks bug fix (https://github.com/SparklingComet/FakeTrollPlus/issues/5=
    * /blacklist bug fixes (https://github.com/SparklingComet/FakeTrollPlus/issues/2) and (https://github.com/SparklingComet/FakeTrollPlus/issues/6)
    * /launch optimizations
    * Minor wrapper-API enhancements
    * An incredible amount of other bug fixes and code improvements

    This is a DEV-release and may contain bugs. It is considered stable, but does not have the STABLE label because major changes have been introduced since 3.4.0.
    It is highly recommended that you delete the configuration file before updating, because otherwise the messages may overlap and bugs can occur. If you wish to keep your configuration, save it somewhere and copy-paste your messages into the new file.

    Everyone should update to this!
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