FakeTrollPlus [Over 40 commands to troll your players] [1.8-1.12.x] 3.6.0-BETA

FakeTrollPlus - New large-range trolling plugin for server administrators

  1. FTP v#3.6.0-BETA - Databases support!

    + This update adds database support. The database may be a MySQL database, MariaDB, MongoDB, Oracle, SQLite and more.
    * This update also contains significant internal changes which improve the overall performance.

    If you find any bugs, please report them through the means listed on the plugin page!
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  2. FTP v#3.5.1 - Added /cage | Config Additions | Bug fixes | Better Command Help

    • CHANGES:
    + target configuration (choose whether the plugin attempts to autocomplete truncated target names)
    + prefix configuration (set the message prefix/disable it)
    * gui wont allow disabled effects (fixed bug that allowed the GUI to toggle disabled effects)
    * wrapper api improvements (minor improvements)
    * enhanced per-command help (/ftp help [cmd_name] - will display description, usage and aliases)
    + exempt admins (choose whether players with the permission...​
  3. FTP v#3.4.1 - Major configuration improvements and bug fixes

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  4. FTP v#3.4.0 - A GUI! [Beta]

    + Added a GUI (/ftp gui)
    + Added a couple command aliases - check command page or git log
    * Improved default configuration values
    * Many bug fixes
    * Central command output handlers (decreases size of the JAR)
    * New, modern default message styling (colour and format)
    * Huge code optimizations
    + Added functional interfaces
    * Improved javadocs

    • This release is marked as Beta as it contains significant changes and may contain bugs. Please report them over the issue tracker,...
  5. API Optimizations - Removal or redundant code

    FTP v#3.3.3:
    - Removed redundant code
    * Optimized internal wrappers
  6. FTP v#3.3.2 - Minor optimizations

    - Removal of a redundant shaded library
    * Addition of copyright notices inside the JAR

    This will make the JAR take up less space on your server.
  7. FTP v#3.3.1 - Config Optimizations + Bug Fix

    * Some config comments have been removed
    * A couple bugs have been fixed.
  8. FakeTrollPlus v#3.3.0

    + Added /badfood
    + Added /explodeblocks
    + Added automatic checks for updates (disable through config, but not recommended)
    + Added small API that will be improved and extended in the future. (Check GitHub repository for documentation).

    Biggest Changes:
    + If players are frozen, they will stay frozen after restarts. Same for the badfood, the no-pickup, the gibberish, inventory-lock and explode-mined-blocks effects.

  9. FakeTrollPlus v#3.2.0

    + Added /swap
    + Added /replaceinv
    + Added /bury
    + Added /nopickup
    + Added /cobweb
    + Added /inventorylock
    + Added /explode
    * Code optimizations
  10. FTP v#3.1.1

    * Fixed error on startup