Falldown | PVP Gamemode | 1.16+ 1.1

Falldown, gather items while falling through crystals, craft powerful items and kill your enemies

  1. JanDev
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    • 1.16
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    --- Falldown ---

    I did publish this plugin with a full source code attached. If you do modify the source code, publish your changes (fork to my repository) for everyone to enjoy! :)

    - Information -

    I created this game mode because it was featured on two major german servers and unfortunately those servers got shut down, so the game mode disappeared. Feel free to provide feature ideas, bug reports, etc. on Discord or write me a DM.

    - About Falldown -

    After the game starts the players will get their items by flying through the ender crystals. After a player flew through a crystal it is claimed and cannot be looted anymore.

    When the players land on their spawns they are free to move in the grace period and can either craft powerful items with the ingredients they gathered while dropping on brewing stations or enchant their weapons and armor on enchantment tables.

    After the grace period ended the players will kill each other until only one is left and wins the game. The world border will close down on the players to discourage camping.

    In addition to that, after the grace period ended, the super crystal will be made available. It contains a custom powerful item that can be claimed. The claim will cause an explosion that damages and slows all players within range and all alive players will be informed which player claimed the crystal.

    - Features -

    I only list features worth mentioning here

    • Fully customizable game mode
    • Permission system with prioritization of higher ranks (lower ranks will be kicked if the lobby is full)
    • Source code available
    - Requirements / Compatibility -

    The plugin requires its own server running on 1.16+. If there are enough requests, I'll backport it to <1.16.

    The plugin is a standalone plugin, so it needs its own server. It also does chat formatting, so please use the ranks below with your permission system to show the player ranks in the chat.

    - Player Commands -
    • /fd premium - Shows the information to buy a premium rank on the server
    • /fd vote <1-3> - Vote a map
    - Admin Commands -
    • /fd - Shows all commands
    • /fd forcestart - Force starts the game
    • /fd disable - Disables the plugin until next restart of the server
    • /fd map - Show all map commands
    • /fd map setlobby - Set lobby for the server
    • /fd map <mapnumber> setdrop - Sets the player drop location (Preferably in an empty world, height is fixed)
    • /fd map <mapnumber> setendpoint - Sets the point the world border takes as center, therefor "end point"
    • /fd map <mapnumber> setspecspawn - Sets the spectator spawn
    • /fd map <mapnumber> setcrystal - Sets the power crystal of that map
    • /fd map <mapnumber> setspawn - Sets a new spawn
    • /fd map <mapmumber> listspawn - Lists all spawns
    • /fd map <mapnumber> removespawn <spawnnumber> - Removes a spawn
    • /fd map <mapnumber> removemap - Removes the map
    • /fd map <mapnumber> setname - Sets the display name of the map
    - Permissions (Ranks) -
    /fd forcestart is available at moderator or higher
    /fd map is available at administrator or higher
    /fd disable is available at administrator or higher

    If no permission is set, the user will have the rank "user".
    • falldown.premium
    • falldown.youtuber
    • falldown.moderator
    • falldown.administrator
    • falldown.owner
    • falldown.developer
    - Installation / Configuration -

    All information is provided within the config.yml, I know it's a lot, sorry.

    The first-time installation is:
    1. Drop the jar into your plugins folder.
    2. Start and stop the server to generate config files.
    3. Configure "config.yml" and "itemsettings.yml"
    4. Start the server and create your maps
    5. I do recommend setting a beacon under the super crystal for players to know where it is located.
    6. Create a backup folder containing your final world
    7. Enable the backup system for the world to reset

    - FAQ -

    I'll update this section as questions arise.

    - Test the plugin -

    Feel free to test the plugin on my server. Message me on discord (Jan#6705) to get the server IP address.
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