FallingSand 1.0.0

A game where sand falls from the sky and takes out the floor under you in a random pattern.

  1. retrodaredevil
    Please note I will not be updating this plugin until I find a way to make setting up the arena simpler.


    After you create the arena run this command and replace <arenaname> with the name of you arena: /rg flag ba-<arenaname> build allow
    This will allow building in your arena but without this this plugin will NOT work.


    This plugin is based off of the minigame on MCBrawl called FallingSand where sand falls and spawns randomly above you and destroys the floor when it lands
    Must have BattleArena, WorldGuard, and WorldEdit installed found here:

    Drop ArenaFallingSand.jar, BattleArena.jar, WorldGuard.jar, and WorldEdit.jar into your plugins folder and restart your server.

    Run the command: /fs create <arenaname>
    Select two points(with an axe with //wand) Example on what points to select below below: (Select two points similar to where the redstone blocks are)
    Note: you don't have to create the floor manually
    Once selected do /fs alter <arenaname> addregion
    Now you've added the region and need to create the spawns. Now you can add the spawns by doing /fs alter <arenaname> 1 to set the first spawn then do /fs alter <arenaname> 2 to set the second and you can add as many spawns as you want. You should set the spawns on the floor so you may want to join in once so it auto generates the floor by doing these commands in order: /de join , /de forcestart , /de leave and there ya go, a perfect floor. Now it may be easier to set the spawns.

    To join you can run the command: /fs join or /fs join <arenaname>
    You can also do /fs help for a list of commands.
    Other features and info:
    You will die if you are in water, lava, or are standing on bedrock.
    If anyone is confused on how to set this up or there are bugs please report on the discussion page.
    If sand falls in the world that an arena is going on in it will destroy what it lands on if it is red sandstone.
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