FamoustLottery v6.4.13

FamoustLottery, a high community based mulit lottery plugin

  1. FamoustLottery v6.4.13

    • Updated to 1.16.1
    • Signs: Fixed performance issue (Chunkloading)
    • Signs: Signs now get removed from the Lottery if they no longer exist
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  2. FamoustLottery v6.4.12 - Hotfix 2

    Upload of correct file
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  3. FamoustLottery v6.4.12 - Hotfix

    • Removed a old dependency of vault that is no longer available.
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  4. FamoustLottery v6.4.12

    FamoustLottery was updated to support Minecraft 1.14
    • Please make sure to make a backup before upgrading to this version
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  5. FamoustLottery v6.4.11 - Minecraft 1.13

    • FamoustLottery was updated to support Minecraft 1.13
      • Please make a backup before upgrading and also note that all item-related saves will be breaking. To prevent issues please remove any fields that contain item ids or material names!
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  6. FamoustLottery v6.4.11 - Hotfix 2

    • Fixed a typo inside the messages.yml that was causing a null error
    • Fixed a issue with replacing the amount of available tickets within the error message if a player would get to much tickets
    • Fixed a issue where you couldn't buy tickets for others after you won a lottery
    • Fixed a issue where people could buy tickets after they won but other players not
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  7. FamoustLottery v6.4.11 - Hotfix

    • Fixed the issue regarding replacing of variables in the on-win commands again
  8. FamoustLottery v6.4.11

    • Fixed an issue where placeholders were not replaced in the onWinCommands etc.
  9. FamoustLottery v6.4.10

    • Fixed an issue that was causing the players to loose their tickets on a restart of the server
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  10. FamoustLottery v6.4.9

    • Fixed a issue on closing a lottery
    • The field %amount in command /lottery add is now showing the amount added instead of the amount of tickets
    • Fixed a issue on loading the list of last winners from file (List got bigger and bigger over time)
    • Fixed a issue where signs were not loaded from file (signs didn't work after restart/reload)
    • (Spigot only) The .jar is now available via spigot and doesn't need approval from bukkit-team anymore
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