Fancy Items - a custom enchantment friendly item rename/relore plugin 1.0

An item customisation plugin aimed to be compatible and usable with custom enchantments

  1. Athlaeos
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Fancy Items
    Yet another item modification plugin

    The plugin allows you to add and remove lore, rename, and add an enchant glow to items, but with a slight twist: the plugin features a blacklist.

    This blacklist can be used to prevent players from using certain sequences of characters. Sure, this can be used to prevent obscenities or slurs to be put in your items if that's what you want, but the plugin actually treats blacklisted words differently.

    This plugin assumes blacklisted lore words are actually custom enchantments. Many custom enchant plugins use the item's lore to determine what custom enchants it possesses, and this has prevented many people from using plugins such as these. Surely it's a little too op if players are able to add all lore, and by extent also custom enchants, to any item?

    You can also blacklist words from being used in the item's name if there are some custom fancy items on your server you wish to not have people duplicate.

    This plugin aims to allow you, as server owner, to give your players the freedom to add special lore or names to their items - be it for roleplay purposes, that sweet aesthetic, or just for fun - without compromising any custom enchantments you have on your server.

    The plugin has been tested to be compatible with CrazyEnchants and EnchantsPlus, let me know if you find any other custom enchant plugins it also works well with :)

    Items can still have custom enchantments, but they have to be applied by someone with the proper permissions(op) or literally just anything that isn't a standard regular player without said permissions.

    fancyitems image 1.PNG

    This being said, Fancy Items offers what you'd normally expect from a plugin like this.
    - Rename an item
    - Add lore or remove lore from an item
    - Add a special enchantment glint to an unenchanted item
    - Fully supports color codes and formatting codes

    On top of that you also get the option to charge players an amount of money every time they attempt to add lore to or rename an item, this requires Vault though.

    Fancy Items' features also are completely EULA friendly, so you may use them in your server's store for your donators to use.

    Code (YAML):

    #List of blacklisted words/characters within lore creation
    #This can be swearwords/inappropriate words but this list should also be used to
    #blacklist any custom enchantments your server has.
    #If a player attempts to add a line of lore and what they write contains this sequence of characters
    #the plugin will cancel them adding it
     - 'Custom enchant example'

    #Max length of a single line of lore
    : 48

    #Default prefix/color of lore
    #Leaving this empty will make lore purple and italic
    : '&r&7'

    #Force a player to leave a signature whenever they relore or rename an item
    #If you care about the 'uniqueness' of customly named/lored items and want players to be able to distinguish
    #between pre-made and player-made this should be set to 'true'
    : true

    #List of blacklisted words/characters within name creation
    #Should be used to blacklist names of pre-existing custom items
     - 'Example custom item'

    #Max length for the rename command
    : 48

    #Default prefix/colour of the name
    : '&b'

    #Balance deducted on use of addloreline command
    : 250.0

    #Balance deducted on use of namechange command
    : 250.0

    #Balance deducted on use of addglint command
    : 500.0
    Code (YAML):

    /relore {add|get|remove} {lore|line}
    Adds a line of lore, shows removable lore(excluding blacklisted words), or removes a line of lore from a held item (can't remove blacklisted words as a normal player)

    Code (YAML):

    /rename {name}
    Renames a held item

    Code (YAML):

    Adds an enchant glint to a held item

    Code (YAML):

    Shows all color codes and formatting codes, purely meant for convenience

    Code (YAML):

    /fiblacklist {add|remove} {name|lore} {blacklisted word}
    Adds or removes a word from the lore or name blacklist, no reload needed, they instantly apply.

    Code (YAML):

    - fancyitems.removelore
    - fancyitems.addlore
    permissions to remove or add lore to an item.

    Code (YAML):

    - fancyitems.addlore.*
    Grants all permissions related to adding lore to an item

    Code (YAML):

    - fancyitems.addlore.color
    - fancyitems.addlore.format
    - fancyitems.addlore.format.bold
    - fancyitems.addlore.format.strikethrough
    - fancyitems.addlore.format.italic
    - fancyitems.addlore.format.underline
    - fancyitems.addlore.format.obfuscated
    - fancyitems.addlore.format.reset
    Fancyitems.addlore.format grants permission to use all formatting codes within lore, the others grant permission to use a specific code within the lore. Or fancyitems.addlore.color to use color codes within the lore.

    Code (YAML):

    - fancyitems.addlore.lines.*
    - fancyitems.addlore.lines.{number}
    * grants permission to use unlimited amount of lore lines, or limited to {number} amount of lore lines

    Code (YAML):

    - fancyitems.ignoreblacklist
    Grants permission to ignore the blacklists within lore and name

    Code (YAML):

    - fancyitems.ignoremaxlength
    - fancyitems.ignoreforcesignature
    - fancyitems.ignorerenameprice
    - fancyitems.ignorereloreprice
    - fancyitems.ignoreaddglintprice
    Grants permission to not be limited by a max name/lore line length, not be forced to add a signature to an item when renaming/reloring, or not be charged when using the rename command, relore command, or add glint command.

    Code (YAML):

    The various permissions used for rename command

    Code (YAML):

    - fancyitems.addglint
    Permission to use the /addglint command

    Code (YAML):

    - fancyitems.manageblacklist
    Permission to manage the blacklists, using the /fiblacklist command

    A rating or review are hugely appreciated! I accept criticism too
    Thank you for using my plugins :)

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  1. Compatibility with other api versions fixed

Recent Reviews

  1. SnowCutieOwO
    Version: 1.0
    Very good for us to use!
    Can you add a gui make this plugin better?
    1. Athlaeos
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! But I don't see how a GUI would make it easier to use? Text and lore should really just be added through commands since it's not practical to use text writers within GUIs, and the only thing I can really imagine to be usable through a GUI is adding a glint. Unless this is not what you're thinking about I don't see how it would improve the plugin