FancyTrails 1.10.2 0.7.3

Make a trail of items falling around your players without them being able to take them!

  1. Removed login-announcement

    The login announcement was removed in this version. I think it is not necessary.
  2. 1.10.2 Compatible, Metrics and bug fix

    FancyTrails is now updated to 1.10.2
    MCStats Metrics was added to monitor plugin stats
    Removed bug where hoppers would take items
    Removed bug where the items dropped by trails would be teleported using nether portals

    More updates will be coming soon!
  3. [CRITICAL] Looting exploit

    In builds <= 0.7.0 users are able to exploit the plugin to loot the items using Hoppers and Nether/End portals. However this has been fixed by the developer and it is very important that you download the newest version!
    • Dropped entities now have a unique identifier that will prevent them from teleporting on the Nether/End portal.
    • Hoppers (and minecarts w/ Hoppers) will not accept items with the unique identifier either.
    • Entities without the identifier are not affected by...
  4. Update notifier

    • Built-in update checker so you get notified whenever an updates comes out!
  5. Huge internal update!

    • Some parts of the plugin internal were recoded for better performance and stability.
    • Added some of the fundamental code for the round effects
    • Bug fixes
    Note: Source code at GitHub will be updated soon!
  6. Clean and non-obfuscated code

    • Removed unnecessary parts of the code and has a more clear structure.
    • Since this plugin is now free, obfuscation is no longer part of the plugin's code, so everyone can see how the plugin really works.