Farmex 1.0.1a

[1.16.x] Farming Expedited - Your new favorite farming mechanic

  1. Felnstaren
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    • 1.16
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    What it Does
    Farmex is a very simple plugin which adds a very useful mechanic to make farming much less time consuming and more engaging for players. The plugin adds the ability to plant seeds by right clicking farmland with a hoe, and the ability to harvest a crop without breaking it by right clicking it with a hoe. It also adds a Scythe item (5, one for each material,) which functions the same as a hoe, but the planting and harvesting effects a 3x3 area, instead of just one block.

    How to craft the Scythe

    Two Minute Demonstration Video

    Custom Resource Pack for Scythe Items

    Farmex uses a custom resource pack to distinguish hoes from scythes. The plugin functions the same without it, but if you wish to download it you may get it here. If you wish to replace the scythes texture with your own, you may do so by editing the material_scythe.png files in the texture pack.

    There is no setup, it's that easy, just add it to your plugins folder.

    This plugin has built-in support for custom crops and it's own event handling system, so if you want to integrate this plugin with your own custom crops plugin, or a grief protection plugin, it should be rather easy. See the github page for the source code. Register custom crops as blocks and items in the SeedItemRegistry and CropBlockRegistry classes. Intercept and add functionality to planting and harvesting events with the FarmexHarvestEvent and FarmexPlantEvent.

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. Bossbirdyman51
    Version: 1.0.0a
    Good but can you add some permission for use it ?
    Example farmex.use or another ? ^^
    1. Felnstaren
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, i'll add this suggestion in the next update. It will be togglable with the config and set to ignore the permission by default.