FarmWorld v.10

FarmWorld allows you to generate FarmWorlds.

  1. theawak3r
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    What is FarmWorld ?
    A FarmWorld is a seperate world for mining, fighting, gathering, .... With this plugin you don't need to destroy your main world while searching for ores or diamonds. Futhermoore you can use a other plugin for disabling monsters in your main world and use the FarmWorlds for killing monsters and gaining experience.

    In Germany FarmWorlds (FarmWelt) got very popluar by a YouTube Project called "Minecraft Leben".

    What does this plugin ?
    FarmWorld allows you to generate FarmWorlds. Every FarmWorld is regenerating after a specified amount of days. You can join and leave these worlds by command or by sign.

    • Join and leave via Sign
    • Automatically regeneration
    • Specify regeneration frequency for each world
    • Multiple worlds
    • /fw help
    • /fw create
    • /fw join
    • /fw remove
    • There are more commands, just type ingame /fw help
    • fw.setup - Allows to create, edit and remove FarmWorlds - default: op
    • fw.join - Allows to join FarmWorld - default: everyone
    1. Create a FarmWorld: /fw create -n:<name> (-s:<seed>) (-e:<environment>)
    2. Create Join Sign
    3. Line 1: [fw]
    4. Line 2: <name>
    Thats it. The world is regenerating every day at 2 o'clock. For antoher frequency use /fw days -n:<world> -d:<integer>
    If you specify a seed, the same world will be regenerated.
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Recent Reviews

  1. GoleoLP
    Version: v.10
    Getestet auf der Minecraft Version 1.16.5. ✅
    Achtung: Es bildet sich kein Ordner. Alle Einstellungen, könnt ihr Ingame machen!
  2. Bodymenn
    Version: v.10
    Would be Awsome if this Plugin got World_End Support.

    Otherwise this plugin is really good.
  3. Andrey2006a
    Version: v.10
    The plugin is very good, but I need it for 1.12.2

    Плагин очень хороший, но мне надо для 1.12.2
  4. geheim44
    Version: v.10
    The plugin is good but I get an error (An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command)

    Version 1.12.2
  5. Zyrano
    Version: v.10
    Very nice PlugIn! Thank you.
    Is it possible to generate specific worlds like Desert, Ocean, Snow.... ?
  6. leginhee
    Version: v.9
    Good plugin but the world is gone when I restart the Server. It would be good if you are able to disable pvp and enable spawn protection
  7. iTzGamer_05
    Version: v.9
    Nice Plugin, plaese do a config file where you can edit the Plugin Prefix and Plugin Messages. Thanks
  8. MothMuse
    Version: v.9
    wonderful plugin! Please update tp 1.13.1... and should think about allowing players to make a portal of stone or something, like the nether portal.. but a portal to the mining world!
  9. Stoermy
    Version: v.9
    Plugin works fine. I use this on my Public MC Server 1.12.2 and ist wonderfull :D. Pls update this to 1.13. Generating Farmworld works fine in 1.13 but the Signs dont work in 1.13.
  10. Nachtaktiv
    Version: v.9
    Excellent stuff :)
    You do not have to use this big multiverse plugin. This plugin does nearly the same, but much easier!