FartNPoke 1.0

Poke a player then fart in their face!

  1. Absentee23
    I created this just messing around in Skript while making something fun for the hub. Yes the name is stupid because the features are stupid (but fun!) FartNPoke does exactly what the name implies: allows players to poke another player, or themselves, as well as allows players to fart! A poke plays the "pop" sound for them, and nudges them straight up about half a block. Farts makes a fart noise (duh...), a fart particle, and pushes them slightly up and forward. Both have a configurable and permissions-bypassable cooldown.

    Unless someone posts an awesome idea for a feature or somehow finds a bug, I won't be updating this. It works and isn't that big, it won't need updates.

    Video »

    Commands »
    • /poke <player> » Pokes a player.
    • /togglepoke » Enables or disables being poked.
    • /fart » farts.
    Permissions »
    • fartnpoke.nocooldown » Allows the player to bypass the cooldown on both farts and pokes.
    Config »
    Edit this by opening the fartnpoke.sk file in notepad or similar:
    Code (Text):
        # cooldown for pokes (in seconds)
        pokeCooldown: 10
        # cooldown for farts (in seconds)
        fartCooldown: 5

    Dependencies »
    Skript 2.1.2+

    Install Instructions »
    1. Install Skript
    2. Drop fartnpoke.sk into the scripts folder
    3. Run /sk reload all to enable it.
    4. /poke away
    License »
    You may modify & use parts of this for your own personal use, as long as you don't claim it as your own.

    My Other Resources »

    CakeTube Studio, a YouTuber's dream.

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