Farts 1.2.1

Random player farting per minute!

  1. Svenna
    Hey! Cool that u saw my plugin! Read and if u like, download! <3
    If u like the plugin, leave a review and a like! <3

    If u don't like the plugin or something must change, tell me!


    This "fun" plugin is all about that one random player on the server is farting with a sound to every player! The farting from the random player is always over a minute. And the config is very easy, a baby could understand it :)

    Where would you use it for:

    This plugin is cool for a survival server to create a cuzy atmosphere!
    Or for a custom gamemode where someone random farts! Awesome!
    Whatever you like!

    Upcoming features:

    Green is donee
    Orange is 1/2 done
    Red is nothing done
    • Config for fart messages/interval/sound
    • Get items when a player farted (Changeable in config)
    • Tell me what u like!


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Recent Updates

  1. Bugg fix "Multiple messages"
  2. Bugg fixed
  3. Config file!

Recent Reviews

  1. hamsterfat
    Version: 1.2.1
    Great XD simple like unwrapping a candy
    ............................100 characters...................
  2. Hmmcrunchy
    Version: 1.2.1
    does what it says XD
    1. Svenna
      Author's Response
      Thanks, endly someone that really says why!