Fast Async WorldEdit & VoxelSniper development-builds

Blazingly fast world manipulation for builders, large networks and developers.

  1. I-S
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Empire92, IronApollo, MattBDev, NotMyFault
    Languages Supported:
    German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Korean
    Chat/Support: [Discord/GitHub/Wiki]
    *Installation guide on download page

    Support is available ONLY on our Discord!
    Snapshots for 1.13 - 1.15.1 are available on the download portal.


    > What is FAWE and why should I use it?
    FAWE is designed for efficient world editing.
    • Simple to setup and use
    • Extremely configurable
    • Uses minimal CPU/Memory
    • Safe for many players to use
    • Insanely fast, when using the slowest mode
    If you use other plugins which depend on WorldEdit, simply having FAWE installed will boost their performance.

    > Features for you
    • Over 200 Commands
    • Style and translate messages, commands, GUIs
    • (No setup required) clipboard web integration (Clipboard | Assets)
    • Unlimited //undo, per world history, instant lookups/rollback and cross server clipboards
    • Advanced per player limits (entity, tiles, memory, changes, iterations, regions, inventory)
    • Brush saving, visualization, targeting modes/masks and scroll actions
    • Use Anvil commands to change billions of blocks (e.g. remove all chests, trim worlds, etc)
    • Use CFI commands to generate worlds
    • Convert maps or schematics between PC and MCPE
    • Adds lighting commands. (fix, set, remove)
    • Adds lots of powerful new //brushes and //tools.
    • Adds a lot more mask functionality. (new mask syntax, patterns, expressions, source masks)
    • Adds a lot more pattern functionality. (a lot of new pattern syntax and patterns)
    • Adds edit transforms (apply transforms to a source e.g. on //paste)
    • Adds support for new formats (e.g. Structure Blocks)
    • Instant copying of arbitrary size with `//lazycopy`
    • Allows WorldEdit commands from console (e.g. /jumpto world,0,0,0)
    • Adds progress notifications (titles)
    • Auto repair partially corrupt schematic files
    • Biome mixing, in-game world painting, dynamic view distance, vanilla cui, off axis rotation, image importing, cave generation, multi-clipboards, interactive messages, schematic visualization, lag prevention, persistent brushes + A LOT MORE
    > World Editing Performance
    There several placement modes, each supporting higher throughput than the previous. All editing is processed async with certain tasks being broken up on the main thread. The default mode is chunk placement.
    • Blocks (Bukkit-API) - Only used if chunk placement isn't supported. Still faster than any other plugin on spigot.
    • Chunks (NMS) - Places entire chunk sections
    • Regions (Anvil) - Directly modifies the map files, has some latency.
    • World (CFI) - Used to generate new worlds / regions
    > Protection plugins
    The following plugins are supported with Bukkit
    > Logging and Rollback
    By default you can use `//inspect` and `//rollback` to search and restore changes. To reduce disk usage, increase the compression level and buffer size. To bypass logging use `//fast`.

    Third party loggers are supported with BlocksHub but not recommended. Unlike FAWE, no other logger does any data compression, and cannot handle large edits without a huge memory backlog.
    > Developer API
    • FAWE maintains API compatibility with WorldEdit so you can use the normal WorldEdit API async.
    • FAWE also has some async wrappers for the Bukkit API.
    • The wiki has examples for various things like reading NBT, modifying world files, pasting schematics, splitting up tasks, lighting etc.
    • If you need help with anything, hop on discord (link above)
    > Media
    //brush image

    //brush flatten

    (CFI) Using a 1000 radius brush (15,625 chunks each click)

    Persistent brushes (config option):

    CFI visualization (3072x3072 map)

    CFI brushes (1024x1024 map)

    CFI rendering (3072x3072 map)

    Brush visualization

    CUI without mods (config option):

    Off axis rotation

    Catenary brush

    Blob brush

    Brush copy and scatter schematics

    Spline brush:

    Anonymous Upload/Download interface (There are multiple styles to choose from)
    Height Map / Color Map interface
    Asset Pack interface

    Height map interface:
    If you need help, join our discord.
    We cannot help you in the review section!

Recent Reviews

  1. Sauilitired
    Version: development-builds
    I use the plugin to handle schematic pasting internally and it works well (most versions do, at least). People have been responsive when asked informed questions.

    Beware however, that some of the development builds are less stable than others. Do your research and ask around before you put one of the snapshots on a production server.
  2. StarRift
    Version: development-builds

    Hands down the worst plugin of 2020.

    - Corrupted regions in a world where IT WAS NEVER USED. Wow.
    My original review was a 3 star that reasonably explained how this happened. No, I wasn't looking for support, I was REVIEWING the plugin.

    - Devs don't take any constructive criticism and throw temper tantrums, flame profile pages, and alt to leave reviews on their own resources. Here's a screenshot of them posting on someone's profile to "go kill themselves"

    - Standalone World-edit with Async plugin is better and outperforms this by a long shot.

    - Plugin quality itself is poor. Takes longer to complete simple world-edit tasks. Same problems have persisted in the plugin since 2018. Their excuse? "It's a dev build" Certified bruh moment there.

    Skim the reviews for a laugh and move on to the standalone World-edit & Async plugins.
  3. Draycia
    Version: development-builds
    jingle bells
    city smells
    jingle all the way
    oh what fun it is to ride on papa city's lap :^)
  4. Michielo
    Version: development-builds
    Hi, so I've read the reviews and they're saying its really really bad. I've not had these issues... I'm playing on a 1.13.2 server, worked fine, no corrupted regions, nothing... worked as it should. was really fast with enormous chunks of land. Even better, i didn't know how to use upside slabs with fawe, i joined their discord and got an answer. I honestly don't understand the bad reviews. this is my first review and the only reason i made this one is because of the bad reviews while i havent had any problems.

    I'm a dev myself (just not on mc/java) and it seems to work like it should. Keep it up devs! :D
  5. Abwasserrohr
    Version: development-builds
    One of the latest builds works really nice and fast for me. I use it for fast loading of maps in Minigames. I never had any corrupted regions. Are people even sure that it is FAWE that is corrupting it?!
  6. exusxt
    Version: development-builds
    FAWE is the best and everyone knows. It is so good that the previous reviewers seem to been able to remove their last remaining brain cells.
    Now their brain mass matches their IQ.

    Keep up the good work, devs.

    P.S. If someone makes fun of you, it is very likely that you are a total moron. Just in case any of the previous reviewer might not understood.
  7. CustomWorldYT
    Version: development-builds
    I still remember using this on my 1.11.2 server - it was probably the best plugin back then, but after 1.13 it is a complete mess. Devs have become self absorbed jerks and plugin is getting dead and poor.

    They basically force you to get a development version just as an excuse that not all the things work there. Support is at their Discord, which is a mess too. They claim that donations speed up the development, which is obviously not true and they just abuse the current state of this plugin to get some money for different things.

    PlotSquared is somehow in better state and receives active bug fixes, so I can't really blame them for that, but they just gave up on FAWE and they make tiny changes every week that do not fix anything. Critical issues weren't fixed for like 5 months, despite to the fact that literally everyone reports them... This makes me think that the plugin is intended to damage servers, because issues like this just wouldn't happen for such a big plugin... For some reasons devs just completely messed this up and they don't care about it at all.

    A lot of servers use this, yes, but those are < 1.13 based and they still use version of the plugin that worked well.

    If you are finding a 1.13+ WE solution, I recommend just normal WorldEdit that does it's job best, lol what an irony.
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      Fawe is a project which is very time consuming. We do not have the time to work on a single project all day long and so on. We do not "force" anyone using development builds, yet there is no other version available for 1.13 and higher. If you don't want to use them, it's ok for us too.
      We are not "abusing" the situation for donations, yet we aren't millionaires. Lots of us have to take shifts/extra shifts to pay their life. Getting some extra donations allows us to take less shifts and spend the time on development, rather than working many hours day.
      We didn't give up Fawe and din't stop caring about it, but we have a life, a job, family and friends, social contacts and college, etc. too.
      We would like to spend more time on the things, but lots of us actually don't have the time to. Life is pretty busy, so we have to allot our spare time. Getting Fawe back on track meanwhile us ending up homeless because we can't pay our flats because we dropped out of jobs to spend more time on here, doesn't seem to be the best option.
  8. Aireesan
    Version: development-builds
    corrupts your world, devs are dicks. you don't owe me anything, but you still shouldn't be an asshole.
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      Calling us dicks isn't very nice.
  9. kixmc
    Version: development-builds
    No support from the devs despite having a support Discord. Plugin is almost entirely broken as well. Don't waste your time trying to make it work, it won't.
  10. Firosee
    Version: development-builds
    Doesnt work on 1.13.2, even though it says it does, when you go to the discord for support, like they ask you to, all you get is into arguments with the "staff" who think they have hierarchy over all the users. Not a nice experience.

    After asking them to make it work on 1.13.2, they asked me if i have a contract for them as i am "expecting" them to fix the plugin, what a joke. (

    If it doesnt work for you, thats that, might aswell give up, because they will not give you any support.
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      I'm not sure where it say it works on higher versions. On spigot it's still marked as up to 1.12 and the development snapshots are labeled as unstable.