Fast Async WorldEdit & VoxelSniper development-builds

Blazingly fast world manipulation for builders, large networks and developers.

  1. Empire92
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    > What is FAWE and why should I use it?
    FAWE is designed for efficient world editing.
    • Simple to setup and use
    • Extremely configurable
    • Uses minimal CPU/Memory
    • Safe for many players to use
    • Insanely fast, when using the slowest mode
    If you use other plugins which depend on WorldEdit, simply having FAWE installed will boost their performance.

    > Features for you
    • Over 200 Commands
    • Style and translate messages, commands, GUIs
    • (No setup required) clipboard web integration (Clipboard | Assets)
    • Unlimited //undo, per world history, instant lookups/rollback and cross server clipboards
    • Advanced per player limits (entity, tiles, memory, changes, iterations, regions, inventory)
    • Brush saving, visualization, targeting modes/masks and scroll actions
    • Use Anvil commands to change billions of blocks (e.g. remove all chests, trim worlds, etc)
    • Use CFI commands to generate worlds
    • Convert maps or schematics between PC and MCPE
    • Adds lighting commands. (fix, set, remove)
    • Adds lots of powerful new //brushes and //tools.
    • Adds a lot more mask functionality. (new mask syntax, patterns, expressions, source masks)
    • Adds a lot more pattern functionality. (a lot of new pattern syntax and patterns)
    • Adds edit transforms (apply transforms to a source e.g. on //paste)
    • Adds support for new formats (e.g. Structure Blocks)
    • Instant copying of arbitrary size with `//lazycopy`
    • Allows WorldEdit commands from console (e.g. /jumpto world,0,0,0)
    • Adds progress notifications (titles)
    • Auto repair partially corrupt schematic files
    • Biome mixing, in-game world painting, dynamic view distance, vanilla cui, off axis rotation, image importing, cave generation, multi-clipboards, interactive messages, schematic visualization, lag prevention, persistent brushes + A LOT MORE
    > World Editing Performance
    There several placement modes, each supporting higher throughput than the previous. All editing is processed async with certain tasks being broken up on the main thread. The default mode is chunk placement.
    • Blocks (Bukkit-API) - Only used if chunk placement isn't supported. Still faster than any other plugin on spigot.
    • Chunks (NMS) - Places entire chunk sections
    • Regions (Anvil) - Directly modifies the map files, has some latency.
    • World (CFI) - Used to generate new worlds / regions
    > Protection plugins
    The following plugins are supported with Bukkit
    > Logging and Rollback
    By default you can use `//inspect` and `//rollback` to search and restore changes. To reduce disk usage, increase the compression level and buffer size. To bypass logging use `//fast`.

    Third party loggers are supported with BlocksHub but not recommended. Unlike FAWE, no other logger does any data compression, and cannot handle large edits without a huge memory backlog.
    > Developer API
    • FAWE maintains API compatibility with WorldEdit so you can use the normal WorldEdit API async.
    • FAWE also has some async wrappers for the Bukkit API.
    • The wiki has examples for various things like reading NBT, modifying world files, pasting schematics, splitting up tasks, lighting etc.
    • If you need help with anything, hop on IRC or discord (link above)
    > Media
    //brush image

    //brush flatten

    (CFI) Using a 1000 radius brush (15,625 chunks each click)

    Persistent brushes (config option):

    CFI visualization (3072x3072 map)

    CFI brushes (1024x1024 map)

    CFI rendering (3072x3072 map)

    Brush visualization

    CUI without mods (config option):

    Off axis rotation

    Catenary brush

    Blob brush

    Brush copy and scatter schematics

    Spline brush:

    Anonymous Upload/Download interface (There are multiple styles to choose from)
    Height Map / Color Map interface
    Asset Pack interface

    Height map interface:
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Recent Reviews

  1. Gida
    Version: development-builds
    A very good plugin, but due to the missing BlockVector3 class, PlotSquared, WorldGuaerdExtraFlags plugins do not work. PaperSpigot 1.13.2.
  2. User16
    Version: development-builds
    Not a bad plugin, lots of neat features and generally better than the other worldedits with regards to loading times and preventing crashes. But the recent versions have given me some grief. Whether it's the rotating/flipping not working with stairs, or copy/pasting not working with glass blocks, or randomly getting blocked out of entering commands or talking in chat - I've decided to uninstall for the time being until a later version is released that I can use. I understand the developers of the plugin are working to fix bugs despite their busy lives - I understand this - but the issues do impact the experience using the plugin and I've rated it accordingly.
  3. UnioDex
    Version: development-builds
    Best async world edit plugin out there. Tried AsyncWorldEdit and SafeEdit and all of them just gave a simple crash. With FAWE i did what i'm trying to do in only 10 seconds.
  4. Dimo4ka
    Version: development-builds
    I dislike children who can safely put 1 star only for some mistake. For that 1 star? This is a very global and large-scale plugin, it definitely has the right to all 5 stars. This plugin really helped me out because I can insert huge shematics on version 1.13 (because Mcedit has not yet been updated), and the standard WorldEdit stopped my server. If you have a problem with lighting, just Google it, it's not difficult? There is a great plug-in "Light Cleaner 1.13.1-v1", which will fix the bugs with lighting.
  5. Kanrou
    Version: development-builds
    This plugin has been my go to since I started working on servers, no other world editing plugin can compare.

    Even if development for 1.13 is slow this plugin is worth sticking with and deserves nothing less than 5 stars.
  6. superjack010
    Version: development-builds
  7. Diego_ht
    Version: development-builds
    You really need to improve the performance of this plugin. If I do //set stone (20 blocks) it can take 5 seconds to set 20 blocks of stone. Plus all the fixligh and fixwater is totally broken.
  8. Msql
    Version: development-builds
    It is unuseable on 1.13. A lot of bugs while copying, pasting and operating on selections. Lighting is totally broken - this plugin does not updates lighting correctly after setting block. Hope it will be fixed because at this moment this plugin is terrible.
  9. pinkpig
    Version: development-builds
    Very neat and useful plugin. Worked great on my 1.12.2 server.

    Now that I've updated to 1.13.2 I've had a lot of issues with the plugin. I reported them on Github. Finally found a version that worked with WorldGuard. There's still errors, but it at least runs so I'll give it 3 stars.

    Thank an older review for this info:
    For those who are looking for a download you can download this + the worldguard they bundle here:

    This is unmodified but use at your own risk.
  10. arockstar28
    Version: development-builds
    Horrible ideas for 1.13. 1.13 development builds do not even work correctly, and are even ignored by the author. Requires you to use their own version of craftbook and worldguard, which are not up to date AT all. I suggest just sticking to asyncworldedit or worldedit.