Fast Async WorldEdit & VoxelSniper development-builds

Blazingly fast world manipulation for builders, large networks and developers.

  1. 8f2bfab...b9d267a combined changelog

    This is just a summary of features added.
    The full changelog can be found here.
    • Adds catenary brush
    • Add blob brush
      - simplex distorted sphere with frequency and amplitude parameters
    • Added brush target offsetting //br targetOffset
    • Added pattern #l2d[pattern list] (linear 2d, the chosen pattern depends on the x,z coordinate)
    • Added thickness parameter to: //hcyl
    • Support for off axis rotation: //rotate <any angle you want!>
    • Adds `/br copy -a`
      - off axis rotation based on view
    • Adds experimental option: Persistent brushes
      - Brushes are bound to the item instead of the player's session
      - Brushes can be shared by dropping the item
    • Anvil commands can now be undone
    • All region based Anvil commands are now region restricted
    • Better biome mixing with CFI
    • Add command trimAllAir
    • Add command deleteUnclaimed (supports P2, WG & GP regions)
    Future proofing
    • Newer versions of minecraft shouldn't break Entity and Block NBT and require FAWE or WorldEdit to update.
    • Optimized async -> sync task execution
    The following people have contributed code during this period:
    @Empire92 (me)
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