Fast Async WorldEdit & VoxelSniper development-builds

Blazingly fast world manipulation for builders, large networks and developers.

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    This is just a summary of features added.
    The full changelog of 131 commits can be found here.
    Add sweep brush (pic1, pic2)
    Add slot pattern to use an item in your inventory: //set slot5
    Add diagonal stacking: //stack 5 ne
    Add vanilla CUI using structure blocks (for showing your selection)
    Start work on command GUI for Nukkit
    Add better multi-clipboard support for `//schematic`
    Optimized VoxelSniper undoing
    Optimized Schematic saving

    CFI improvements
    The biggest changes I made were to CFI, which is a building mode for creating worlds. Let me know what you think and any suggestions you have.

    Worlds can be visualized and edited using a map.
    - Example of viewing a 3K x 3K world on a 7x7 map.
    - Example of a 500 radius biome brush on a 1K x 1K world.
    Changes made to the world can be rendered almost instantly.
    - Rendering a 3K x 3K world while making changes

    WorldEdit tools and commands can be used in a rendered world:
    - Using a 1000 radius height brush, and //undo in a CFI world

    New commands for manipulating the world:
    - //cfi worldthickness
    - //cfi floorthickness
    - `//cfi color` with masking support
    - Commands are interactive
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