Fast Async WorldEdit & VoxelSniper development-builds

Blazingly fast world manipulation for builders, large networks and developers.

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    This is just a summary of features added.
    The full changelog of 87 commits can be found here.

    • Schematic visualization using //schematic show <directory>
      • View and pick multiple schematics
      • video:
      • Note: Currently only for 1.12
    • Added `//schematic delete *` to delete your currently loaded schematics
    • Added `//schematic move <directory>` to move your currently loaded schematics
    • Added support for downloading multiple files at once using `//download`
    • Use SSL for updating/web integration
    • Add URL optional URL shortener for download
    • Added falling sphere brush `//brush sphere <pattern> -f`
    • Added `//anvil set <pattern>`
    • Added confirmation for large `//undo` iterations
    • Added support for non cuboid region restrictions
    • Added `false` and `true` masks
    • Added #liquid mask
    • Full 3D support for masking with biomes
    • Improved sweep brush leveling
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