Fast Async WorldEdit & VoxelSniper development-builds

Blazingly fast world manipulation for builders, large networks and developers.

  1. e1ab82d07be3e32f388cee483f0992af770dab68...39216dee421947d95a053aac1a00e95fa2c47c6e

    This is just a summary of features added.
    The full changelog of 87 commits can be found here.

    • Schematic visualization using //schematic show <directory>
      • View and pick multiple schematics
      • video:...
  2. c073741...ca906cc combined changelog. +

    This is just a summary of features added.
    The full changelog of 131 commits can be found here.
    Add sweep brush...
  3. 8f2bfab...b9d267a combined changelog

    This is just a summary of features added.
    The full changelog can be found here.
  4. b870081...ea94c0c combined changelog

    This is just a summary of features added.

    The full changelog can be found here.


    • Support for //gmask
    • Support for //gsmask
    • Support for...
  5. 1.12 - World of Color Update

    Older versions of FAWE will be slower on 1.12, and lack support for modifying NBT (tiles and entities).

    You can ignore the following message during startup, as FAWE includes the updated adapter. I would still recommend updating WorldEdit whenever it officially updates for 1.12

    This version introduces new ways to color the world:
    - Anvil CFI coloring (blocks,...
  6. 17.04.18-1564733-644-12.3.9 combined changelog

    - Add permpack: fawe.permpack.basic
    - Add Anvil replace
    - Add anvil copy and paste
    - Add Anvil removelayer debug cmd
    - Add Anvil deleteallold to trim uninhabited chunks
    - Add mask flag to stack - alternate to //gsmask
    - Add schematic loadall (multi-clipboard)
    - Color brush invert (use negative yscale)
    - Add #iddatamask pattern e.g. #iddatamask:7:slab
    - Angle mask overlay option (end with o)

    - Optimize schem paste
    - Optimize block sending for spigot 1.9,...
  7. ANVIL update - change billions of blocks in seconds

    Non Anvil improvements:
    - Added command `/caves` - generates caves
    - Added command `/ores` and `/ore` - generates ores
    - Added brush `/br layer` for placing multiple layers on a surface
    - Added brush `/br popschem` for placing schematics on a surface`
    - Added hollow polyhedral region select `//sel polyhedral`
    - Added smoothing of snow layers `//smooth -s`
    - Added heightmap of snow layers `//br height -l`
    - Added surface spline brush `/br sspline`
    - Added multi-clipboard...
  8. Faster, Features, Fixes. This is the 17.03.11-b56f666-572-11.6.5 update!

    A lot of the changes have been focused on improving brushes.

    Most notably there are a lot of new brushes
    - Scatter
    - Splater
    - Scatter Command
    - Shatter
    - Color HeightMap
    - Cliff HeightMap
    - Various improvements to existing brushes
    New brush features
    - Brush visualizing
    - Brush targeting modes
    - Brush scroll actions (clipboard, mask, pattern, range, size, target)
    - Bind tools to any item id or data
    - Bind two brushes two a single item (left/right click)
    - Use a biome in any...
  9. 17.02.08-f95190b-493-10.8.0

    • Add flatten brush
    • Allow loading heightmap from imgur
    • Allow specifying a block's NBT in block pattern
    • Add an option to also send changes to players before relight
    • More lenient block parsing for commands
    • You can now Undo/redo biome changes
    • Better chunk caching improves some operations in unloaded areas
    • Some optimizations to region iteration (less checks,...
  10. 17.01.02-8c94489-484-9.26.7

    • Add WorldEdit tips with toggle: /tips
    • Add rollback for specific edits: /frb #<id>
    • Tick limiter interval is now configurable
    • Added fuzzy region select `/sel fuzzy` or `/sel fuzzy=<mask>`
    • Add source masks: `/gsmask` and `/smask` (applies to source e.g. //paste)
    • Add mask tab completion
    • Add light related masks (#opacity, #brightness, #blocklight, #skylight, #light, #nolight, #haslight)
    • Improved mask parsing
    • Selection commands are now translatable...