Fast Async WorldEdit alpha-development-builds

Blazingly fast world manipulation for builders, large networks and developers.

  1. I-S
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Empire92, IronApollo, MattBDev, NotMyFault
    Languages Supported:
    German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Korean
    If you are looking for FAWE for a version previous to 1.15, see here:
    The latest download from SpigotMC supports 1.15 - 1.16.4

    > What is FAWE and why should I use it?
    FAWE is designed for efficient world editing.
    • Simple to setup and use
    • Extremely configurable
    • Uses minimal CPU/Memory
    • Safe for many players to use
    • Insanely fast, when using the slowest mode
    If you use other plugins which depend on WorldEdit, simply having FAWE installed will boost their performance.


    Installation Guide | Wiki | Support us on Patreon

    Join our support discord:


    • Over 200 Commands
    • Style and translate messages and commands
    • (No setup required) Clipboard web integration (Clipboard | Assets)
    • Unlimited //undo, per world history, instant lookups/rollback and cross server clipboards
    • Advanced per player limits (entity, tiles, memory, changes, iterations, regions, inventory)
    • Visualization, targeting modes/masks and scroll actions
    • Use Anvil commands to change billions of blocks (e.g. remove all chests, trim worlds, etc)
    • Use CFI commands to generate worlds
    • Adds lighting commands. (fix, set, remove)
    • Adds lots of powerful new //brushes and //tools.
    • Adds a lot more mask functionality. (new mask syntax, patterns, expressions, source masks)
    • Adds a lot more pattern functionality. (a lot of new pattern syntax and patterns)
    • Adds edit transforms (apply transforms to a source e.g. on //paste)
    • Adds support for new formats (e.g. Structure Blocks)
    • Instant copying of arbitrary size with `//lazycopy`
    • Auto repair partially corrupt schematic files
    • Biome mixing, in-game world painting, dynamic view distance, vanilla cui, off axis rotation, image importing, cave generation, multi-clipboards, interactive messages, schematic visualization, lag prevention, persistent brushes + A LOT MORE

    > World Editing Performance
    There several placement modes, each supporting higher throughput than the previous. All editing is processed async with certain tasks being broken up on the main thread. The default mode is chunk placement.
    • Blocks (Bukkit-API) - Only used if chunk placement isn't supported. Still faster than any other plugin on spigot.
    • Chunks (NMS) - Places entire chunk sections
    • Regions (Anvil) - Directly modifies the map files, has some latency.
    • World (CFI) - Used to generate new worlds / regions

    > Protection plugins

    The following plugins are supported with Bukkit

    > Logging and Rollback
    By default you can use `//inspect` and `//rollback` to search and restore changes. To reduce disk usage, increase the compression level and buffer size. To bypass logging use `//fast`.

    > Developer API
    • FAWE maintains API compatibility with WorldEdit so you can use the normal WorldEdit API async.
    • FAWE also has some async wrappers for the Bukkit API.
    • The wiki has examples for various things like reading NBT, modifying world files, pasting schematics, splitting up tasks, lighting etc.
    • If you need help with anything, hop on discord (link above)

    > Media

    //brush image

    //brush flatten

    (CFI) Using a 1000 radius brush (15,625 chunks each click)

    Persistent brushes (config option):

    CFI visualization (3072x3072 map)

    CFI brushes (1024x1024 map)

    CFI rendering (3072x3072 map)

    Brush visualization

    CUI without mods (config option):

    Off axis rotation

    Catenary brush

    Blob brush

    Brush copy and scatter schematics

    Spline brush:

    Anonymous Upload/Download interface (There are multiple styles to choose from)
    Height Map / Color Map interface
    Asset Pack interface

    Height map interface:
    If you need help, join our discord.
    We cannot help you in the review section!


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Recent Reviews

  1. Hladen
    Version: alpha-development-builds
    This plugin is amazing I've used it for years and wouldn't look back, Its really CPU and memory optimized with a lot of features and I would recommend it to anyone who has a server

    The Biggest downfall of this plugin is the support. There Pretty Ok at getting back to you quickly but from my own personal experience and other people I've talked to you very rarely get useful help. Also, I've seen the support staff be downright disrespectful to people asking for help
  2. Darkdeviousdevil
    Version: alpha-development-builds

    As the title suggests, I don't recommend using this plugin for a server where you have active players playing survival. This plugin is more meant for builders who have dedicated worlds only meant for building and terraforming. Yes this plugin does make the world edit processes faster, but there are many bugs with this plugin that will just make things harder. I will give examples below of some issues.

    Example 1:
    FAWE doesn't allow you to use sizes 0 or 1. Need to get into those nooks and crannies with a small brush? Well you can't. Need to summon in a block or make a small platform with //sphere dirt 1? Sorry, that won't work either. You are unable to have cylinders, spheres, and so forth that are under the size of 2.

    Example 2:
    FAWE has many lighting issues. I needed to copy and paste my players' enderman farms from one place to another, but when I pasted them, enderman refused to spawn. Why? Because FAWE made a lighting error that prevented them from spawning. It took me so long to figure what made this error because in the end dimension, everything is dark anyway. I had to contact multiple sources of support because I didn't even have the slightest idea of what was causing the problem. It took me 2 days to figure it out.

    Is there a warning page or description that informs you of these bugs? Nope. You download this plugin thinking these things won't happen only to find that you are hitting up their support regarding bugs that aren't there in normal world edit.

    So my advice is, if you're just using world edit to build on a server, I suppose you could use this, go ahead. It's functional for the most part. But if you're running a survival server and moving people's builds, or similar, go back to original world edit.

    Seriously it says "alpha-development-builds" in the title. I'll wait till they fix a lot of bugs and polish things up, then maybe I'll start using it again. But for now, I'll keep my distance.
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
  3. ThisIsMyUsername
    Version: alpha-development-builds
    Haven't tested it yet but i wanted to restore the faith in the human race by rating it with maximum stars.

    The bug reports here are ridiculous. People are either blind or <insert lame insult here> for not reading (or simply ignoring) the DOZENS of posts the Author has made to post bugs/and support related questions in the appropiate section/location.

    In a way, i've also violated this by posting something off-topic, instead of writing a review. But i HAD to say it, for the sake of the Author's well being.

    Hopefully i am forgiven.
  4. lokka30
    Version: alpha-development-builds
    Excellent resource. I used it back in 2015 and will now continue to use it as it seems to have ironed out its issues. IntellectualSites make brilliant resources, all open-source from their generous hearts.

    Sad to see completely ignorant people below using the REVIEWS section as the SUPPORT section. Something I see every day on almost every other resource posted on this platform, but that's just how it works here unfortunately.
  5. aex32
    Version: alpha-development-builds
    While plugin overall is great as it really makes a difference compared to lag introduced by WorldEdit, its devs are toxic and sometimes plain rude for no real reason. Watch your language and fix your attitude.
  6. Aussie_P3ach
    Version: alpha-development-builds
    First-ever 1 star review of anyone on spigotmc, and with a heavy heart..

    Firstly FAWE worked on all our servers except one, it could not see the schematic file and I followed every instruction and guide we could find before asking for help in the #fawe-support discord channel.

    We were met with rudeness, disrespect and threats if reflected in the review on top of being told "Idc about your screenshots, I know it works"
    Agreed notmyfault, it does work on my other servers, not on the one we were asking about - This total lack of respect for a user & paying customer of their other premium plugins is unacceptable in our opinion and due to the plugin not working as intended on this server build and the total lack of support while being spoken to like dirt?

    Nothing about any of this or dealing with them was pleasant.

    "Our Conversation"

    Thanks guys, Epic services..
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
      Nobody has been rude to you or threat you with...?
      You've asked a question and received a response. In fact, the setup works for everyone else, if it doesn't for you, it is pretty much up to your system and your setup and not xy software.
      Furthermore, "customers" do not receive a special treatment in any way.
      All of our software is free and open source for more than a half decade. You buy it because you choose to do so, you have no obligation to buy it on order to use it.
  7. Silver_D_Scales
    Version: alpha-development-builds
    Plugin not working after update from 1.16.3 to 1.16.4
    How do I make it work? will there be a new update to the plugin?
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
  8. 7mostov5
    Version: alpha-development-builds
  9. retrooper
    Version: alpha-development-builds
    Why does build 434 changelog say you added 1.16.4 support? That isn’t even out yet?
    1. I-S
      Author's Response
  10. CheriePhili
    Version: alpha-development-builds
    1. I-S
      Author's Response