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  1. 1.16.2 & A note about the future of FAWE

    Translations are returning!

    Currently the option to set translations in the config.yml does nothing, throws a stacktrace because there are no other translations but English yet or possibly doesn't even exist, if you didn't update from past builds.

    In the past we used GitHub to manage translations via pull requests but we switched to Crowdin Enterprise a few months ago, since it is easier to use for people who are not versed with git applications but want to help us translating FAWE into their language.

    The following link leads to our Crowdin page:
    I've added a few languages as default. If a language is missing you would like to translate FAWE to, let us know in #off-topic and I will add it.

    Please note: Numbers inside curly braces ({0}, {1}, etc.) are replaced with variables when used ingame. E.g. {0} blocks affected will change to 50 blocks affected when using Fawe. So make sure to put them on a spot matching your translation language.

    We are now available on Patreon as well:
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