Fast Async WorldEdit alpha-development-builds

Blazingly fast world manipulation for builders, large networks and developers.

  1. More fixes

    - Fixed pull and erosion brushes
    - Fixed fixlightning now also calculates heightmaps
    - Fixed opacity on materials
    - Fixed vault integration, which makes integration such as with WorldGuard functional again
    - Fixed toggle commands like //tips or //wea
    - Fixed limits

    - Improved lightning engine
    - Improved skylight handling
    - Replaced DummyFawe with `provides` scope

    - Add a `#air` mask, the opposite of `#existing`
    - More support for 3d biomes
  2. 1.16.3

    Hello people,

    Fawe now supports 1.16.3 as well.

    That's it, no big changelog today.
  3. Return of the masks

    Hello people,

    special update for you builders out there who depended on some of FAWE's masks in the past! Many of the old masks which were never reimplemented have recently been brought back. The full list of reimplemented masks, as well as descriptions, usage examples, and other details can be found in the PR's description here .
    Light-oriented masks and the radius mask have not been reimplemented for various...
  4. 1.16.2 & A note about the future of FAWE

    Translations are returning!

    Currently the option to set translations in the config.yml does nothing, throws a stacktrace because there are no other translations but English yet or possibly doesn't even exist, if you didn't update from past builds.

    In the past we used GitHub to manage translations via pull requests but we switched to Crowdin Enterprise a few months ago, since it is easier to use for people who are not versed with git applications but want to help us translating FAWE...
  5. About FAWE

    Hello people,

    it has been a long time since the last update, but that doesn't mean we didn't do anything ;)
    We stopped pushing builds to spigot with the jump to 1.13, but continued the development pushing builds to our Jenkins (CI).
    This build is an early alpha build of FAWE, which supports 1.14 to 1.16.1.
    We are aware that a lot of features are still missing or not properly implemented, but the latest builds are fairly stable and contain a lot of fixes.
    If you find something not working,...
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  6. e1ab82d07be3e32f388cee483f0992af770dab68...39216dee421947d95a053aac1a00e95fa2c47c6e

    This is just a summary of features added.
    The full changelog of 87 commits can be found here.

    • Schematic visualization using //schematic show <directory>
      • View and pick multiple schematics
      • video:...
  7. c073741...ca906cc combined changelog. +

    This is just a summary of features added.
    The full changelog of 131 commits can be found here.
    Add sweep brush...
  8. 8f2bfab...b9d267a combined changelog

    This is just a summary of features added.
    The full changelog can be found here.
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  9. b870081...ea94c0c combined changelog

    This is just a summary of features added.

    The full changelog can be found here.


    • Support for //gmask
    • Support for //gsmask
    • Support for...
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  10. 1.12 - World of Color Update

    Older versions of FAWE will be slower on 1.12, and lack support for modifying NBT (tiles and entities).

    You can ignore the following message during startup, as FAWE includes the updated adapter. I would still recommend updating WorldEdit whenever it officially updates for 1.12

    This version introduces new ways to color the world:
    - Anvil CFI coloring (blocks,...