Fast Report 1.1

Report players with 1 simple command

  1. Andrea

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    [​IMG] What is Fast Report?
    Fast Report is a simple script that allows players to report hackers and bad players to admins.

    [​IMG] Compatible with:
    1.7 Compatible
    1.8 Compatible

    [​IMG] Requirements:
    Plugin Skript:

    [​IMG] Install:
    1) Download the requirement and place it inside /plugins folder
    2) Start the server and stop it
    3) Download Fast Report and open it.
    4) Place inside /plugins/skript/scripts
    5) Open using notepad++
    Follow instructions and edit the configuration.

    [​IMG] Commands:
    /FastReport - Prints script information and commands
    /FastReport Reload - Reload the configuration
    /Report <player> <reason> - Report a player

    [​IMG] Permissions:
    - FastReport.send - Allow user/group to send a report
    - FastReport.receive - Allow user/group to receive a report
    - FastReport.reload - Allow user/group to reload the configuration

    [​IMG] Features:

    - Easy to use. Just 3 commands and 3 permissions
    - Antispam cooldown
    - It doesn't consume resources. Ultra light.


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