Fast Report 0.2

Now Player Can Report Fast All Cheater !

  1. SkGeek

    FastReport is a cool plugin for server ! Now your player can report all players easily ! Admin can see all report and reset then !

    (Added at v.0.2) Now When A Player Report An Other Player , admin (player with permission report.alert) receive an alert with : Player report Player Reported for Reason !

    Commands & Permissions

      • /report <player> <reason> (report.use) : For report a player !

      • /report show ( : For show all reports !

      • /report reset (report.reset) : For reset all reports !
    Config :
    Code (Text):
    # Config:
        Reset: &7&lYou Reset All Reports ! # Change The Message When You Reset All Reports !
        NoReport: No Report ! # Change The Message When No Report Is Posted !
        Error: &c&lError, use : &6/report <player> <raison> &c! # Change The Message when a player forget an argument !

    For find the config open and when you finish type /sk reload all !


    /Report :
    /Report Show :
    /Report Reset :

    Coming Soon

    Give me ideas, suggestions or some help !

    Video Tutorial

    I'm going to do a video tutorial in french !

    Requierment & Install

      • Put Skript in your folders plugins

      • Restart You Server

      • Put FastReport in skript/skripts

      • Type /sk reload all

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