Fast Travel 1.1.0

Save and teleport to item-specific locations using Skript.

  1. Ninty
    A new home method! Created by me, and tested by my friend Wallei. Designed for our Minecraft server, Chertia Legacy.

    - Skript
    - Umbaska (Skript addon) (Not necessary if you don't want particles, but recommended.)

    /ft remove <number> - Deletes a saved location.
    /ftdel <player> <number> - Deletes a specific player's location.
    /ftset <player> <number> - Set someone else's location.
    /fttp <player> <number> - Teleport to someone's location.

    fasttravel.admin - Do /ftdel, /ftset and /fttp.

    How to use:
    Hold a stick in your hand, and hold sneak. You will see particles. After about 4 seconds, you will see an explosion, and your location will be saved. Do this again, and you will teleport to your saved location. Left click to cycle through different locations.

    Example Video:

    Coming soon:
    - /ftsave - Quickly save a location.
    - - Permission for fast travelling.

    If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments!

Recent Reviews

  1. DarksideCode
    Version: 1.1.0
    Works good, but...

    1) When a player`s travelling it`s issues lags (ping was 60ms, but it made 500ms...)
    2) Looks not good.
    I hope u fix it all, thanks for skript.
    1. Ninty
      Author's Response
      What kind of server are you running? My players don't seem to have an issue on only a 2GB server.