FastCraft v2.0.3

Redefines crafting in Minecraft

  1. Kepler
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    en, cs, de, es, nl, pl, ru, tr, vi, zh-cn, zh-tw
    Minecraft 1.13 Information
    • FastCraft v2.0:
      • Does not support Minecraft 1.13
    • FastCraft v3.0:

    With FastCraft, users will have a faster method of crafting available to them. When a crafting table is opened, instead of the usual 3x3 crafting grid, the player will be shown the FastCraft user interface. Within the interface, players will be shown all of the items that can be crafted from the items within their inventory. To craft an item, all a user has to do is click on an item in the FastCraft interface, and the item will be crafted automatically.


    Plugin Requirements
    • Java 7 or newer
    • Bukkit/Spigot for Minecraft 1.7 - 1.12

    Plugin Usage
    • Right click a crafting table to bring up the FastCraft interface, with all craftable items
    • Hover your cursor over a craftable item to see the items required to craft it
    • Click an item for it to be crafted, and automatically added to your inventory
    • Use the next and previous page buttons to navigate through the pages of craftable items
    • Click the refresh button to reorganize the items in the interface
    • Click the crafting table button to show a normal crafting grid
    • Click the crafting multiplier button to change how many times items will be crafted

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Recent Reviews

  1. CaoTrongThang
    Version: v2.0.3
    This plugin is very cool but its stop updating for a while :(
  2. Modzsika
    Version: v2.0.3
    Please up to date on 1.14.4, I need it! but the plugin is very good, thanks! ...
  3. aron2020qw
    Version: v2.0.3
    Help!! Why can't it be translated into Spanish? , try to put ES but it does not work and the folder `` lang '' is not created.
  4. dinoboss2001
    Version: v2.0.3
    atualizasion ? o no va a ver para 1.13.2 bro es que llevo esperado casi 3 meses xd
  5. phuriroj
    Version: v2.0.3
    Good but please fix
    Players can get an anvil and Nether star from a GUI :(
    80 chars
  6. hrzn00
    Version: v2.0.3
    I loved the plugin ever since I first found and implemented it on my server. But with us transitioning to 1.13.2 the time has come to sadly say goodbye to this resource. We're still hoping you will finish this project and add 1.13.2 support, but after months of no updates, we decided to say sayonara. Still: If your server is in 1.12.2 and below, this is THE crafting enhancing resource :P
  7. kadiryigit
    Version: v2.0.3
    Good plugin i can customize lang.yml for my language and easier for players thx Developer <3
  8. sikadupa123
    Version: v2.0.3
    language.yml pls
    1. Kepler
      Author's Response
      In the config, if you change "language" to one that doesn't exist (such as "custom"), a language file will be made in the FastCraft/lang/*.yml. You'll be able to edit that however you'd like. :)
  9. Nik1800
    Version: v2.0.3
    Cool plugin! Respect to the developer! Thank you for the plugin and for the ready translation into russian)
  10. Tudahu007
    Version: v2.0.3
    Very good plugin. Cant bealive its free!
    5 stars :D