FastCraft v2.0.3

Redefines crafting in Minecraft

  1. FastCraft v2.0.3

    Fixed typo in German localization.
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  2. FastCraft v2.0.2

    Fix deprecated method warning.
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  3. FastCraft v2.0.1

    Added Spanish (ES) localization.
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  4. FastCraft v2.0

    Please backup /plugins/FastCraftPlus before updating!
    Things probably won't go wrong, but just in case.

    This release is a segue into the next major release, v3.0, which I've been working on for about a year now. It's coming soon-ish (depending on my availability as a busy college student).
    The ability to add custom recipes was removed because it's out of scope, hard to maintain, and done better by other plugins.

    If you have any issues, comments, or concerns,...
  5. FastCraft+ v0.27.2

    Resolves NullPointerException with other plugins.
    Add clarification about shapeless recipes in recipes.yml.
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  6. FastCraft+ v0.27.1

    Updated DE.yml with Minecraft 1.12 items.
  7. FastCraft+ v0.27

    Partial fix for removal of achievements in Minecraft 1.12
    • Players won't be awarded advancements in 1.12 for crafting items
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  8. FastCraft+ v0.26.4

    Resolved issues with Minecraft 1.11
    Please report any other issues if you come across them.
  9. FastCraft+ v0.26.3

    Resolved remaining known issues with ProRecipes.
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  10. FastCraft+ v0.26.2

    Resolved issues with ProRecipes.
    - One issue with ProRecipes remains, and will be resolved in the next update.
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