FastCraft v2.0.3

Redefines crafting in Minecraft

  1. FastCraft+ v0.26.1

    Make the updater type STABLE download patches as well.
    Fixed NullPointerException with ProRecipes.
    Added languages:
    • Vietnamese
    • Polish
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  2. FastCraft+ v0.26

    Moved config.yml comments in front of the settings they describe.

    Permission changes:
    • OP's have permission to commands an using the FastCraft+ interface by default.

    Language changes:
    • Renamed CN to ZH-CN
    • Added traditional Chinese (ZH-TW)

    Changes to automatic updater:
    • Run update checker on separate thread.
    • Changed releases.xml url.
    • Added debug messages for update checks.

    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed crafting multiplier going...
  3. FastCraft+ v0.25

    Added automatic update functionality.
    • Checks for updates regularly, and downloads them if available
    • Download specific types of updates (none, all, patches, stable, ...)
    • Option to run commands when an update has finished downloading

    Let recipes in the recipes.yml config use & for color codes.
    Added spaces between config.yml sections.
    Added debug output option to config.yml.
    Added methods to the FastCraft+ API.
    Other internal bug/performance fixes.
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  4. FastCraft+ v0.24.3

    Fixed NullPointerExceptions.
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  5. FastCraft+ v0.24.2

    Fixed a NullPointerException.
    Added method to API to see if an inventory is a GUI.
  6. FastCraft+ v0.24.1

    Fixed toolbar not showing up in the UI on first run.
    Fixed tipped arrow placeholder recipe showing up in UI.
    Updated German translation.
  7. FastCraft+ v0.24

    The toolbar in the FastCraft+ interface may not appear.
    To fix this, reload the plugin: /fca reload

    Added crafting multiplier that multiplies the number of items crafted.
    Added GUI customization to config.yml.
    Fixed refresh button leaving some recipes, even if hidden.
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  8. FastCraft+ v0.23

    Important v0.23 change:
    In the recipes.yml config, the ingredients in shaped recipes now require an amount, similar to shapeless recipes. Shaped recipes will not be loaded if left unchanged.

    Internal bug and performance fixes.
    Fixed recipes with ANY data not showing in FastCraft+ interface.
    Changes to recipes.yml:
    - Shaped recipes now have amounts for each ingredient.
    - Removed 9 ingredient limit from shapeless recipes.
    - Fixed recipes not working...
  9. FastCraft+ v0.22.2

    Fixed FastCraftAPI being in wrong package.
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  10. FastCraft+ v0.22.1

    Fix duplicated lores in FastCraft+ GUI