FastFoodPlus 6.4.0

Instant Healing Foods

  1. CryptoMorin
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Crypto Morin, Hex_27

    This plugins allows you to get rid of the annoying default hunger healing system and use the pre-1.7 instant healing system. Which includes a lot of features in different parts of the plugin that makes the game-play more fun and interesting for players, mostly in PvP making it more challenging instead of using golden apples.
    This plugin was an idea from an outdated plugin named FastFoods which provides a lot of new features and supports the latest Minecraft version. The plugin development was just for a private server. So it kept being updated time by time for bugs and glitch fixes. So the first release version is v2.1.1.
    The 1.8 version isn't really stable completely, so any bugs or glitches are expected. If you found any make sure to report them.


    /fastfoodplus editor - Opens the custom recipe editor.
    /fastfoodplus skull - OGet skull of a player/UUID/Link.
    /fastfoodplus reload - Reloads the plugin.
    /fastfoodplus updates - Checks for updates on Spigot.

    Aliases: /ffp - /ff

    fastfoodplus.use.<foodMaterial> - Use custom golden apples.
    fastfoodplus.use - Use fastfoods. (Added by Default)
    fastfoodplus.editor - Access to the command /ffp editor
    fastfoodplus.skull - Access to the command /ffp skull
    fastfoodplus.offhand.exempt - Bypass the events restriction.
    fastfoodplus.offhand.swapexempt - Bypass the item swapping restriction.
    fastfoodplus.offhand.forceexempt - Bypass the forced inventory restriction.

    fastfoodplus.update - Access to the command /ffp updates
    fastfoodplus.update.onjoin - Notify players about updates when they join.
    fastfoodplus.filemanager - Get messages about plugin management when reloading.
    fastfoodplus.debug - Get plugin debug messages.

    fastfoodplus.reload.use - Reload the plugin.
    fastfoodplus.reload.see.players - Notify players when a player reloads the plugin.
    fastfoodplus.reload.see.console - Notify players when console reloads the plugin.
    fastfoodplus.reload.notify - Notify players when someone tries to reload the plugin that doesn't have the permission to do that.
    fastfoodplus.offhand.* - Bypass all the offhand protections.
    fastfoodplus.reload.see.* - All the notifications for plugin being reloaded.
    fastfoodplus.reload.* - All the reload command permissions.
    fastfoodplus.* - All the plugin's permissions.

    • GUI Editor
    • Custom food list
    • Custom sounds for actions
    • Custom messages for each action
    • Custom food health amount for each food
    • Custom potion effects for each food
    • Consume delay and delayed messages
    • Golden Apples support
    • Creative protection
    • Offhand protection
    • Hand priority
    • Soups and bowl support
    • Permissions for most events
    • Custom clicking events
    • Hunger support
    • Custom Hunger Events
    • Lightweight and completely optimized
    • Stable reload command
    • Configuration file updater
    • Update Checker
    • A basic API: Food, InstantFoodEvent and InstantFood classes. Need more info or help? PM me.

    Custom Foods

    You can also make custom recipes for foods using FastFoodPlus.
    To get started, first you need to open the editor using /ffp editor You can also edit your food list and current recipes in this GUI.

    Select the Recipe Maker from the menu.
    Now you'll see something that looks like a crafting table with some options around it.
    Now let's see what each option do:
    • Recipe Name: This is the name that the recipe is going to be registered as in server and config. Please try to use a unique name and not simple names such as bread that are already a thing. Don't use color codes, and don't use unique characters or symbols.
    • Shapeless/Shaped Recipe: A shapeless recipe allows you to put the ingredients anywhere you want in the crafting table slots to craft the specific item. To craft shaped recipes, you have to place the ingredients in the same slot, with the exact pattern.
    • Meta Selector: By default, only the material type of the ingredients will be saved. So if I have a shapeless recipe with bread and a sword, it doesn't matter if the sword is enchanted or has custom flags, names, lore, etc. With meta selector, you can select the items that you want to have the exact same information. So if my recipe's ingredients are a bread and an enchanted sharpness II sword, and I select the sword with meta selector, I have to put a sharpness II sword to craft the item. Note that the result item (crafted item) will always have meta enabled. When you turn on meta selector and select items they either turn green (meta enabled) or red (meta disabled)
    • Reset Meta Items: This basically removes meta info from every chosen item with meta selector.
    • Save: Now that you selected your ingredients and a recipe name, you can register your recipe.

    The GUI editor is interactive, if you leave the editor and come back the items are still there. However, you can still edit it from the main menu in Recipes.
    All these recipes are saved in recipes.yml config. You should NOT edit this file directly unless you know what you're doing.
    The recipe's item is also directly added to foods.yml config.

    You can use /ffp skull <name/UUID/URL> to get a skull with texture to use it as in your recipe.
    Note that the delay for getting skulls is normal.
    You can use URLs from sites such as minecraft-heads and copy Minecraft URL after choosing a skull, or any links that use
    You have to restart the server to apply changes to recipes, /ffp reload will not work.


    This is the latest config.yml file from the latest update. I may open a GitHub page for the config changes. But for now it'll be only announced in the update pages.
    Most of the features are can be customized and we'll add more and more soon if we got any new idea.
    If you need anything added to the plugin just request for a suggestion and i'll see what i can do!
    Note: Your config may get deleted and replaced. So please read the future updates to make sure about config changes before downloading an update. However your config will be added to a backup file just in case.

    Config In GitHub

    • Do not rate the plugin if you have issues. Ask for support first.
    • Only logical suggestions will be accepted.
    • Do not report issues in review section do it in discussion section or DM me.
    • Before reporting or suggestion anything make sure that you're using the latest version.
    • I'm not responsible if another plugin breaks any of the functions related to this plugin. However I can still try fixing the issue for you.
    • You are not allowed to redistribute the plugin in any form.
    • Do not use GitHub to report/suggest. It is only used for config.yml changes.

    Thank you for downloading the plugin.

    Hope you enjoy!
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