FastFoodPlus 6.2.0

Instant Healing Foods

  1. Recipes, Improvements & Realistic Healing

    This is a beta version. It is not meant to be tested in a live server. Any bugs or dupes are expected.


    • Guess what? The healing animation now plays when healing. Dope.
    • A GUI editor for foods and recipes. Unfortunately the GUI design can't be changed via config for now.
    • You can now make your own shaped and shapeless recipe with item meta support. (Suggested by @LucidusMC )
    • You can add your own item to the food list.
    • Moved the "foods" section from config to it's own config "foods.yml" for saving purposes.
    • You can now use 1.13 sounds in 1.8 and 1.8 sounds in 1.13 in config!
    • Switched to Maven (Not completely)
    • Added /FFP editor and /FFP Skull <TextureURL>
    • Fixed a config check problem in 1.8
    • Some YAML formatting.
    • Not being able to use "stone" as a food in the food list.
    • Fixed some issues with the update checker.
    • Updated the update checker to use Spigot general API
    • Update checker timeout is set to 5 seconds now. (from 10 seconds)
    • You can't open containers or do anything else with your hands when eating foods.
    • The 1.8-1.14 material support is improved like crazy. I don't think I can improve it any further.
    • The file debug logger is now a little faster.


    You have to reset your config.
    New Config on GitHub
    Foods on GitHub
    Recipes on GitHub
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