FastLeafDecay 1.13-1.0

Speed up the decay of leaves / leaf blocks

  1. StarTux
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
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    Speed up leaf decay in Minecraft


    Leaves in Minecraft will decay when they are not connected to a log block directly or via other leaves by a distance of 6 blocks or less. The game will udpate their distance very quickly, but only gradually and very slowly arrange for their decay. This is where the FastLeafDecay plugin comes in. It will realize whenever a leaves block gets disconnected from any nearby logs keeping it alive, and schedule a prompt decay. A variety of configuration options are included.

    FastLeafDecay works automatically on all leaves which are not player placed and does not require any permissions or configuration, although configuration is provided, see below.

    • Leaves decay quickly after the tree stem was cut.
    • Leaves decay quickly around natural decay events.
    • Natural drops, such as saplings and apples, are unaffected.
    • Player placed leaves (with the persistent flag) are unaffected.
    • Limit decay to certain worlds or blacklist worlds in the configuration.
    • Play a sound and animation for better player feedback. This can be disabled in the config.
    • Devs: This plugin calls LeavesDecayEvent before taking action and respects its cancellation state.
    FastLeafDecay uses Spigot's modern BlockData and Tag frameworks and will therefore only work on Bukkit or Spigot 1.13or above. Builds compatible with Bukkit 1.12 or 1.8 can be found in the Links section below.

    • Drop the FastLeafDecay.jar into your plugins folder and restart the server or load the plugin manually.
    • (Optional) Edit the plugins/FastLeafDecay/config.yml file and restart the server or reload the plugin manually.
    Many features of FastLeafDecay can be configured in the config.yml file. To apply your changes, either restart your server or reload the plugin manually. To revert to the plugin defaults, delete the file and a new one will be created next time the plugin gets loaded.

    Code (Text):
    # Leave this string list empty to enable all worlds.
    OnlyInWorlds: []
    # List worlds you wish to exclude from sped up leaves decay.
    ExcludeWorlds: []
    # Delay in ticks to check around broken blocks.
    # Must be at least 5 to guarantee proper function.
    BreakDelay: 5
    # Delay in ticks to check around decaying leaves.
    DecayDelay: 2
    # Play additional effects
    SpawnParticles: true
    PlaySound: true

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Recent Reviews

  1. myketronic
    Version: 1.13-1.0
    Have been using this for a few years now - just updated to (Paper) 1.18.1 - this still works! It's simple yet configurable, and It. Just. Works.
  2. jasminnancy
    Version: 1.13-1.0
    Best plugin; really lightweight and never seems to stop working! Just updated to 1.171 and it still works!!!!!!!
  3. Jpaul
    Version: 1.13-1.0
    Very pog, this plugin still working on latest version. and at the same time its kinda reducing my server lag :D
  4. Gu97
    Version: 1.13-1.0
    Works good in 1.16.5, that's exactly what i was looking for.
    Keep going!
  5. victorlindox
    Version: 1.13-1.0
    Nice work, Nice Plugin,
    Work in 1.16.4
  6. HEB2013
    Version: 1.13-1.0
    This definitely works even into 1.16.3 which i find absolutely amazing since id been looking for one of these for 1.16.x and i thought they wouldn't work. it does what it says right on the box
  7. angeluscaligo
    Version: 1.13-1.0
    It does what it claims to do - and that's all we need to know! It's simple enough a plug-in, but what a quality-of-life improvement :D
  8. imedsj
    Version: 1.13-1.0
    Hi brother, if you can add the option to detect that there are no squares on all six sides of the leaves (even if the player put them down), I will love you this plugin:D
  9. Kord
    Version: 1.13-1.0
    Works great even to the most current release (using on Paper 1.15.2), thank you!
  10. arboriginal
    Version: 1.13-1.0
    Small plugin, light and working. I like it!
    Thanks a lot for sharing it. (tested on paperMC 1.4.4)