FastLogin 1.10

Auto login paid Minecraft accounts on offline mode (cracked) servers | Open Source | Premium UUID

  1. games647
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    games647, Maxetto, NorbiPeti, DevLeoko
    Languages Supported:
    English, Polish, Spanish and configurable in language file
    After many support requests about unanswered "Sending request": Do you followed the BungeeCord setup process of FastLogin referenced below? FastLogin also warns about this configuration step. If you have issues, also consider taking a look into the server log.

    BungeeCord users:
    Please follow this guide:


    This plugin also supports newer Minecraft versions and is still updated.
    I moved away from doing fixed releases. Instead you can use development builds that are build directly after a change. Click on the left side on the build to download it or remove changes part of the URL to get always the latest.


    A open source plugin that checks if a Minecraft player has a paid account (premium). If so, they can skip/auto login offline authentication (auth plugins). So they don't need to enter passwords.

    If you like the project, leave a star on GitHub and contribute there.

    This project also supports newer Minecraft versions. Checkout development builds for the newest versions.

    • Open source (Github)
    • Detect paid accounts from others
    • Automatically login paid accounts (premium)
    • Support various of auth plugins
    • Cauldron support
    • Forge/Sponge message support
    • Premium UUID support
    • Forwards Skins
    • BungeeCord support
    • Auto register new premium players
    • Plugin: ProtocolSupport is supported and can be used as an alternative to ProtocolLib
    • No client modifications needed
    • Good performance by using async non blocking operations
    • Free
    Source code

    Feel free to contribute and leave a star (like) if you want to.
    btw you don't have to be coder to contribute to the project.

    • /premium [player] Label the invoker or the argument as paid account
    • /cracked [player] Label the invoker or the argument as cracked account
    • fastlogin.bukkit.command.premium
    • fastlogin.bukkit.command.cracked
    • Java 8
    • Run in offline mode (see
    • Plugin:
      • ProtocolLib
      • A second auth Plugin (see supported plugins)
    Supported auth plugins

    1. How does minecraft logins work?
    2. How does this plugin work?
    3. Why does the plugin require offline mode?
    4. Can cracked player join with premium usernames?
    5. Why do players have to invoke a command?
    6. Does the plugin have BungeeCord support?
    7. Could premium players have a premium UUID and Skin?
    8. What happens if a paid account joins with a used username?
    9. Is this plugin compatible with Cauldron?

    Thank you very much for those who already donated:
    • WhatEver Community - 30$
    • FrostRealms - 20$
    • NLThijs48 - 15$
    • Leoko - 10$
    • Name removed - 10$
    • Name removed - 5$
    For privacy reasons I remove the first and last name. If you don't want to be listed, message me or write it directly into the donation message.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Adarsh_A
    Version: 1.10
    Please update this plugin to 1.16 in the "Spigot Page"
    Or else we can't use Fast login in aternos :(
    Please try to understand and update :)
  2. acirrox33
    Version: 1.10
    people cant even auto login, every default config and they dont auto login, im premium
    1. games647
      Author's Response
  3. Xyio24
    Version: 1.10
    So, This plugin is good, and Thanks so much. I wish u add Purpur Support. Good luck & Good day Developer!
    1. games647
      Author's Response
      Why shouldn't Purpur work? Isn't it a fork of Spigot?
  4. l14ms
    Version: 1.10
    Well, I instaled in my minecraft server with authme reloaded but when i type /premium and I disconnect and reconnect it say invalid sesion, can yo help me with that???
    1. games647
      Author's Response
      Reviews are not for bug reports. There are a ton information missing about setup to help you. I'm guessing you are using and outdated version.
  5. goodpepe111
    Version: 1.10
    I have a problem to work with bungeecord server, it doesnt work, and the plugin en /plugins its red, i dont know what i doing bad
    1. games647
      Author's Response
      Review section are not for bug reports. Please check your server log for any errors.
  6. MinecraftKid45
    Version: 1.10
    Works great, using the latest builds from the Jenkin's server with zero issues. Love this plugin.
  7. SnutchYT
    Version: 1.10
    im having some issues, please add me on discord user is User#4291
    (and ignore this message)
    1. games647
      Author's Response
      Just write a message here. You could write a private message.
  8. ananbabangamer
    Version: 1.10
    I am using CI versions and plugin is good. But I have a question.

    Some of the servers support offline and online mode both just like what this plugin does. But their premium players has heads on tab list which is an online mode feature. But with this plugin, premium players cannot see heads in the tab list. What would be the reason?

    They are letting us to join with IP address, then probably they have an online mode and an offline mode proxy server I think. Can we do that with this plugin? But if we do, probably someone will be able to register with the player's account, won't them?

    1. games647
      Author's Response
      >But with this plugin, premium players cannot see heads in the tab list

      It's only possible to see for players loggin with the online mode connection.

      >But if we do, probably someone will be able to register with the player's account, won't them?

      No it would then always require premium authentication from that player.
  9. SaG_
    Version: 1.10
    Very good plugin, I recommend it. Good compatibility with authme. Simple and fast plugin to use.
  10. Bravery
    Version: 1.10
    I forgot to mention that on the console when the server starts, it also appears: [FastLogin] BungeeCord configuration detected. No authentication plugin is required
    1. games647
      Author's Response
      Reviews are not for bug reports. You need to look at the Bungee console.