FastSurvival 1.0.18

Because I don't like mining during hours.

  1. zyuiop
    FastSurvival is a simple plugin which makes the survival minecraft faster.
    It has many features :
    • Fully configurable improved generation : add ores and blocks in your chunks
    • Fully configurable drops : replace drops on the fly, multiply their amount, and more
    • Configurable mob loots : repair or add loots to mobs
    • TreeCapitator : break trees instantaneously
    • Improved Crafts : craft a wooden tool, it will become a stone tool
    • Faster obsidian mining : obsidian is mined in 4-5 seconds instead of 10
    • All-tools mining : all ores can be mined with hands, or weak tools
    • Add nether fortresses into the overworld. Fortresses are loaded from schematics, provided into the 'FastSurvival/schematics/' directory
    All these features can be enabled/disabled.
    The plugin also come with an auto-update feature (run /update)

    Source code :
    French configuration doc :
    English configuration doc :
    Builds archives :

    Feel free to report me any bug on the Github issue tracker.

    Have fun, and enjoy playing !

    PS : Please note that this plugin only works with Java 8 !

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  1. Nether Fortresses

Recent Reviews

  1. TheClub-Network
    Version: 1.0.18
    Awesome features and really good resource. Please keep up to date thanks..............................:D
  2. YoLaw
    Version: 1.0.18
    Super plugin! Depuis le temps que j'en cherchais un!!
    Les nouvelles versions proposent également une génération des minerais c'est cool!
    Idéal pour compléter un plugin UHC pour UHCrun!