FastTyper Version 3

Be the first to type the word in chat for a reward

  1. Stefan15ist
    What is this plugin about?, I was doing small events on my server, I would tell everyone a word and the first one to write it out in chat would get a reward, but then I decided to make a plugin that has a scheduler and does it every X Seconds. So here it is, enjoy.

    - The messages are all customizable
    - Includes command to execute on reward
    - Highly efficient, no lag
    - No commands!
    - No permissions!

    - It is not required, but the default configuration executes essentials command to reward money

    Configuration help:
    Code (Text):
    config: deleting this resets config

    secondsAfterReload: amount of seconds to wait before it starts on reloads
    secondsEveryXTime: amount of time it takes to do th event again
    wordsLength: size of the words
    gamePrefix: prefix of the game
    maxMoney: maximum amount of money that can ever win
    rewardCommand: command to execute at the end
    gameStartedMessage: message that the game started
    firstOneToTypeMessage: broadcast the fastest typer
    rewardBroadcastMessage: broadcast the reward



    - NullPointerException

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Recent Reviews

  1. KnightDeluxe12
    Version: Version 3
  2. McIsTheLimit
    Version: 2014-12-28
    GREAT idea but doesn't work.. I put it in my 1.7.10 & 1.8 server didn't work.. I put it in my 1.8 server.. didn't work.. thanks for the time waster. I mean you should add liking Getting a certain item for stepping on a certain block (all set) which could be done for the Parkour set up.. and the fact that it should WORK! (also killing mobs)
    1. Stefan15ist
      Author's Response
      works now.
  3. Antalax
    Version: 2014-12-28
    Really Cool
    1. Stefan15ist
  4. KleinesGumi
    Version: 2014-12-28
    i love this plugin because UPDATE It not work
    1. Stefan15ist
  5. potente1110
    Version: 2014-12-28
    This handsome plugin but nesesita improvements and other two premieres when I give the best I give you five worth, and Merry Christmas.
    1. Stefan15ist
      Author's Response
      what improvements?