FatalFunDeath 1.0-RELEASE

Make death a little bit more epic!

  1. TegnerCodes
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    Fatal Fun Death

    A small plugin that adds some nice and epic features for when a player is killed by another player.

    - Player head drop (Chance configurable)
    - Custom death sound.
    - Everything can be enabled and/or disabled in the config.
    - Auto update checking.

    - TegnerCore is required to run this plugin (see installation guide below).

    How to install:
    1: Stop your server.
    2: Download this plugin.
    3: If you don't have TegnerCore go and download the latest version here https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/tegnercore.4111/
    If you have the latest version of TegnerCore already go to step 5.
    4: Place TegnerCore-X.X.X-X.jar in your plugin directory.
    5. Place FatalFunDeath-X.X-x.jar in your plugin directory.
    6. start your server.

    - None

    - None

    Configuration values:
    drop-heads: true
    Enable or disable pvp player drop head.
    drop-heads-chance: 25
    Set the chance of a head dropping (100 is everytime and so on)

    sound-effect: true
    Enable or disable custom death sound effect.
    sound-effect-type: 1
    The sound effect played.
    1: Player Levelup sound. (default)
    2: Enderdragon death.

    check-for-updates: true
    cheks for updates when everything is loaded.

    If you wan't anything added pm me and i'll take a look.