Fe 0.9

Simple Economy Plugin

  1. Melonking

    Fe is a simple, lightweight economy plugin that supports SQLite, MySQL and works with Vault.​

    • Rock Solid, Fe wont let you down.
    • Drag 'n' Drop Install, Fe just works, no need to worry about config or permissions.
    • SQLite & MySQL, whether your server has 10 or 10,000 players, Fe can handle it.
    • Vault Support, Fe works with almost every plugin.

    /money will also work instead of /fe.

    User/Default Commands:
    • /fe (name) - This will display the balance of the user, the (name) is optional.
    • /fe send [name] [amount] - This will send fe to another player.
    • /fe top - This displays the top 5 richest players.
    • /fe help - This displays the commands a player has access too.
    Admin Commands:
    • /fe grant [name] [amount] - This grants a player an amount
    • /fe deduct [name] [amount] - Deducts money from a player
    • /fe set [name] [amount] - This sets a players balance to an exact amount
    • /fe create [name] - This creates an account with the default holdings.
    • /fe remove [name] - This permanently deletes an account.
    • /fe clean - This removes all accounts with the default holding.
    • /fe reload - This reloads the Fe config, does not work for database changes.

    Grouped Permissions:
    • fe.member - Gives default permissions
    • fe.admin - Gives other permissions
    • fe.* - Gives all permissions
    Member permissions (Already granted):
    • fe.balance - Allows you to check your balance with the /fe command
    • fe.balance.other - Allows you to check other players' balances with the /fe name command
    • fe.send - Allows you to send money to other players with the /fe send name amount command
    • fe.top - Allows you to check the top 5 richest players with the /fe top command
    • fe.? - Allows you to get help with the /fe help command
    Admin permissions:
    • fe.create - Allows you to create an account
    • fe.remove - Allows you to remove an account
    • fe.set - Allows you to set other player's balance with the /fe set name amount command
    • fe.grant - Allows you grant players money with the /fe grant name amount command
    • fe.deduct - Allows you to deduct money from a player with the /fe deduct name amount command
    • fe.clean - Allows you to clean all accounts with the default balance with the /fe clean command
    • fe.reload - Allows you to reload the configuration with the /fe reload command
    • fe.notify - Allows you to receive a notification when Fe is out of date
    Translation is possible by adding a phrases.yml to the Fe folder, You can get info here http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/fe-economy/pages/translation/

    Web Interface:
    Looking for a web interface to show off your balances on a website?
    Check out this one made 123_felix_321

    Source is on GitHub
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Recent Reviews

  1. HDNHD
    Version: 0.9
    can you add placeholder api support?
  2. Gr4b5ky
    Version: 0.9
    The plugin does it's job and here is possibility to change most of the messages. However - the plugin STILL have a memory leak and caused my server to crash every 2-4 hours for using 9GB of RAM, when my current limit is 7GB. I do not advice to install it until it's not fixed at all.
  3. caninum
    Version: 0.9
    hello I downloaded the new plugin and 'lang.yml' I saw that please do not add to the update puligin very nice
  4. Peda
    Version: 0.9
    Very easy to use, and 1.13 support. Also no memory leak anymore. Best economy plugin out there. Thanks :)
  5. Namrod98
    Version: 0.9
    An update after years, thank you so much. I am glad to find a plugin that supports both 1.8 and 1.13 (and also between 1.8 and 1.13)
  6. mkcoldwolf
    Version: 0.9
    Dont like the new update, i means the sql things, bcs this plugin is the most simple Economy Plugin thats hooks into Vault, i have been love this for a long time, btw still give 5 star bcs of the support of 1.13!
  7. LemonLight29
    Version: 0.9
    I didn't expect an update but thank you so much ! It works perfectly in 1.13.1. Let's see in the time :)
  8. Zethrus
    Version: 0.9
    Didn't expect the update, thanks! Everything seems to be running fine so far. Fe is the best for simplicity.
  9. Resoluciones
    Version: 0.8.3
    Best economy plugin for Minecraft! Thank you very much Developer and keep up the good work!
  10. AdrianSR
    Version: 0.8.3
    Excellent Economy Plugin.