FFA Non Bungeecord Alpha 1.0

It's a Free For All plugin for non bungeecord server

  1. DevBrotherHD
    DevBrother Team
    What is FFA Non BungeeCord?

    FFA Non BungeeCord is a FFA Plugin that you can use without to have a BungeeCord network!

    The Features of FFA Non BungeeCord:

    - You can use it without having a BungeeCord network
    - You can configure any kind of message in that plugin

    Commands of FFA Non BungeeCord:

    - /ffa join - User command - Join the arena!
    -/ffa quit - User command - Quit the arena!
    -/ffa players - User command - See who is playing at the moment!
    -/ffa setspawn - Admin command - Set the spawn of FFA!
    -/ffa setquitlocation - Admin command - Set the quit location of FFA. If they do /ffa quit they will be teleported to that location, or if there is a reload.

    Permissions of FFA Non BungeeCord:

    - ffa.setspawn - You need this permission to perform /ffa setspawn!
    - ffa.setquitlocation - You need this permission to perform /ffa setquitlocation
    - ffa.build - You need this permission to build or break blocks!
    - ffa.item - You need this permission to drop or pickup items!

    If you need support to that plugin add us on skype or join our teamspeak:

    Teamspeak IP: ts.devbrother.net
    Skype: support.devbrother

Recent Reviews

  1. digitox
    Version: Alpha 1.0
    Can you make a Kits.lm i the config file??
    i really want to fix some of the kis. the plugin i think is great but you need to add kis.ylm
  2. IEpicDestroyer
    Version: Alpha 1.0
    Great plugin to do more then one gamemode on the same server.

    It's missing Inv restore, please add that to this plugin!
  3. TheSkillex12
    Version: Alpha 1.0
    Error when I put the Plugin will not let me put blocks , it is a problem of incompatibility or version?
  4. Miniskateur
    Version: Alpha 1.0
    Plugin don't save the inventory and the gamemode before joining the game.
  5. Jerooski
    Version: Alpha 1.0
    Great, its nice and simple, I was wondering if you can add multiverse support, and inventory restore system? Because When players quit ffa their inventories aren't restored.
  6. Klaus
    Version: Alpha 1.0
    Bug on place block
    1. DevBrotherHD
      Author's Response
      What kind of bug do you mean? If you have operator rights, you've all permissions. I'll fix that in the next version!
  7. ghazi
    Version: Alpha 1.0
    can u add /save to save hotbar
    1. DevBrotherHD
      Author's Response
      Maybe in a later version.
  8. Mert1602
    Version: Alpha 1.0
    Nice work !