FFA [Skript] 1.2

A better version of ffa using skript!

  1. VenixNetwork

    Advanced FFA for all you big PvP'ers out there! It automatically gives the player a kit! You do not need food, It prevents breaking of the arena and placing of any blocks within the arena.


    /ffa <join> (Allow's The Player To Play FFA!)
    /ffa info (Do not use this if you don't know what to do!)
    /ffaadmin *setspawn* (To set the arena spawn)
    /ffa leave (To leave the arena)

        • *()* = Needed
          <> = Should Use

          Permissions Are Set By You


        • You may edit this but not release it, You will not sell the plugin in anyway, shape or form!

          To edit the config go to plugins/skript/scripts/open FFA.sk in notepad or notepad++

          I will be adding more features in the future so either download or watch the resource!

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Recent Reviews

  1. LuisGerdez
    Version: 1.2
    What are the dependencies? The script fails.
  2. ghazi
    Version: 1.2
    why you are using skript do plugins please
    1. VenixNetwork
      Author's Response
      I find it a lot better to learn, It is easier to make advanced plugins, Its just a personal preference it doesn't change how it works!