FiberSentry Official Anti-Bot 1.0

Advanced Anti-Bot Protection With Many Features

  1. yousife_7aloly
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Abdelaziz189356 - OmarOmar93
    Languages Supported:
    Welcome To Fiber Sentry Anti-Bot.
    This Skript Provide You A Real-Protection From Bad Bots.
    The skript is especially made for protecting minecraft servers from bots.
    We have most helpful staff team in the discord to help you with any issues/bugs.
    More Features And Cool Desings.

    Discord Advanced Logs
    Easy-Understandable Attack Logs FIle
    Protects From Bots And Bad-Packet Players (999+ Ping MS)
    Advanced GUI Menu To Control The Whole Skript
    Small Free Anti-VPN
    GUI Captcha Verification
    Rejoining On First Join For IP-Saver
    Movement Checks (To Check If player can be pushed up or not... Bot Detection)
    And Many Many More!

    Step1: Download The Skript From The Download Button
    NOTE: you will must add The Following addons that help FiberSentry To work

    Skellet ➞ Download
    SkQuery ➞ Download
    SkRayFall ➞ Download
    Skript ➞ Download
    skript-mirror ➞ Download
    Ticker ➞ Download
    TuSKe ➞ Download
    Vixio ➞ Download (Recommended For Discord Logs)
    WildSkript ➞ Download
    Step2: Put These Skript Addons Into your spigot server Plugins folder
    step3: Put the skript inside the skripts/scripts Folder
    Step4: Restart Your Server
    Done! Your Server is now protected with FiberSentry anti-bot ✔️

    We Also Have A Discord Support Server , That if you have any issues/bugs can be solved in the discord
    Join Now
    Commands List:
    /fiber gui - Opens FiberSentry's GUI - permission: fibers.gui
    /fiber detects - Opens FiberSentry's Detects GUI - permission: OPs only
    /fibersentry - Main FiberSentry Command - permission: Everyone
    /fibersentry help - Gets all FIberSentry Command List - permission: Everyone
    --- AntiVPN Command List ---
    /antivpn add <player> - Adds a player to the bypass list
    /antivpn remove <player> - Removes a player from the bypass list
    /antivpn addip <ip> Adds an IP to the bypass list
    /antivpn removeip <ip> Adds an IP to the bypass list
    /antivpn list [ip] Lists users [IPs] on the bypass list
    NOTE: [] = Optional - <> = Required
    High TPS

    Help Commands List

    AntiVPN Commands

    Gui Overview


    Special Thanks To OmarOmar93 And Abdelaziz189356
    Who helped me to make FiberSentry.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Jxyy
    Version: 1.0
    1. This is terrible like adbeliziz's 2 anti bot scripts (aka you ;D)
    2. You are an alt of adbeliziz / omaromar, there is so many facts to back up my claim
    3. i have reported you:
    Im pretty sure this guy is an alt. Like he is reviewing 5 star on all of adbeliziz's skripts (or whatever his name is) with stupid reasons even tho they suck, they are reviewing 5 stars on OmarOmar93's skript with adbeliziz is doing too, and lots of other facts. And the other accounts are also doing the same thing, pretty sure adbeliziz is the main account so you can keep him, and the other 2 peoples real profiles are on his resource: Contributors
    Thank you for reading the report :) me and mark_ from discord have been laughing and losing braincells at these people, or 1 person, so xd

    Your reply said account dates for them proves it. Account dates mean Nothing. you can create an alt 5 days after yours / make another account and make it your main and have that other account as your alt.

    Anyways ping means nothing, and your thing is if more than 7 people join the server it counts as a "bot attack"

    Wait oh my god...

    every 0 second:
    if {bott.t} is true:
    loop all players:
    if loop-player is op:
    set action bar of loop-player to "&cCurrent Blocked Bots &4%{bots.t}% &cWith TPS: &4&l%{ServerTPS}%"

    every 0 second:
    if {bottt.t} is true:
    loop all players:
    if loop-player is op:
    set action bar of loop-player to "&cCurrent Blocked Strong-Bots &4%{bots.t}% &cWith TPS: &4&l%{ServerTPS}%"

    YOU HAVE 2 EVERY TICK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?

    Wait.. Noo..

    every 0 second:
    set {ServerTPS} to tps


    ARE YOU MAD????
  2. AZFire
    Version: 1.0
    I'll give it a 5 star review. Personally, I haven't used it but it seems to be somewhat well made. What I think is ridiculous is the amount of addons to get this one small skript to even work.. I mean, 8 addons, really? Consider using just LeafSK, back when I used ot use Skript, that's the only Skript adon I used, it contained everything I needed from other skripts, including quite a bit form Skript-Mirror, Tuske, and all those..
    1. yousife_7aloly
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review , hope you test it ^^