FidelityClips v1.1

A simple clip recording system for your server!

  1. FidelityClips v1.1

    FidelityClips v1.1

    [+] Added an alias to play clip command
    [+] Added fidelityclips command (/fidelityclips help)
    [+] Added more aliases to record clip command
    [+] Added stop clip for recording clips
    [+] Fixed clip recording/playing limitation
    [+] Fixed killing armor stand
    [+] Fixed stop clip bug causing clip to no longer play
    [+] Fixed stop clip messaging all ops and console
    [+] Updated prefix
    [+] Updated record clip to not require a first or second argument (/recordclip)
    [+] Updated show clip command
    [+] Updated Slow Motion [PREMIUM]
    [+] Updated stop clip message
    [+] Updated stop clip reason message
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