FinalBattle v2.0 UNESTABLE

Addon for BukkitGames and Lib's Hungergames

  1. Puika
    End of support, I will not continue coding this.
    Newest addon for BukkitGames! and Lib's Hungergames!


    * Custom Arena (Loads Schematics)
    * Customizable messages
    * Shortens the game on the server.
    * Custom maps support
    * Fun!

    How does it work?

    BukkitGames starts the game, once the complete invisibility time, Finalbattle start the countdown. Once over the counter, all surviving players are teleported to the arena generated 60 blocks from the spawn.

    When the game ends, all players are sent to the arena


    * /fb start - Force to start FinalBattle


    FinalBattle.Command - Allows to use command /fb


    Very important!

    This plugins needs two plugins for this works.

    * HungerGames:
    * WorldEdit: Important to load Schematics (pre-made Arenas)

    config.yml File

    It's very easiest:

    Code (Text):
    # Puika Software 2014
    # FinalBattle Plugin for plugin The BukkitGames on Bukkit and SpigotMC
    # Dependences: BukkitGames, WorldEdit.

    # == Arena ==
    # The Arena in format Schematics, Can build on WorldEdit or MCEdit
    # The Schematics file of the arena should be in the "[ServerDir]/plugins/WorldEdit/schematics/" folder, if this folder not exist, create.

    # Write filename
    # [!] Required
    # Default: FBArena.schematic

    Arena: "FBArena.schematic"

    # CountDown for FinalBattle starts (ALWAYS loads before Invisibility state)
    # In Seconds (example: 120 seconds = 2 minutes)

    CountDown: 60

    # == Language ==

        minutes: "minutes"
        seconds: "seconds"
        minute: "minute"
        second: "second"
        #%t = Time in number
        #%tl = Time in word
        BroadcastCountDown: "&b FinalBattle &ebegins in %t %tl ..."
        FinalBattleStarts: "&b{!} FinalBattle &ehas begun!"
    * Arena: Name of file ".schematic" (previously created with the WorldEdit or MCEdit, located in "plugins/WorldEdit/schematic)
    **Warning**: If possible, do not charge Schematics extensive as it loses playability and server stability.

    * CountDown: Time of CountDown expressed in seconds

    * Language: Custom messages.

    Schematic Template

    Uploaded a sample template of Schematic, ready to use. Here!


    Please, if you comment here, no paste errors here, use Pastebin or another Text Paste.

    **What you want**


    This plugin uses Metrics.


    Test Server

    Uses BukkitGames and FinalBattle (and various own plugins).
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  1. malachiel
    Version: v2.0 UNESTABLE
    Broken, hope that author will update this for bukkitgames (1.8)
  2. minecraft7net
    Version: v1.8
    excellent :-) running and check compatible version of bukkigames, spigot, etc its a bit tricky :-) but if work its mega nice. you can play it on (BlitzSG server)
    please update this plugin for nevest version of BukkitGames and Spigot.
  3. HamsterLV
    Version: v1.8
    this needs an update to premium version of libs hunger games!!
    1. Puika
      Author's Response
      Lib's Hungergames is a premium plugin, no more updates for this, sorry.
  4. pozimi
    Version: v1.5
    i love this plugin <3