FindIT 0.3

FindIT it's a cool event for pvp/faction or survival server !

  1. Skyzik

    FindIT is a cool plugin for create an event where the first people who mine a diamond win a diamond armor with P4 (configurable level!) !

    How To Start Event?

    The admins have only to type /findit start to begin the event! Then the players have 30 seconds to type /findit join to join the event! The first one who finds a diamond receives a diamond armor with protection level of your choice !

    Commands & Permissions
    • /findit start (findit.admin) : For start the event !
    • /findit stop (findit.admin) : For stop the event ! (<- Add at v.02)
    • /findit join (findit.join) : For join the event !
    • /findit leave (findit.leave) : For leave the event ! (<- Add at v.02)
    • /findit help (no permission) : For see what is Findit !
    Config (<- Add at v.0.2 & 0.3) :

    Code (Text):
    # Config:
        pfit: &3&l[&6&lFIT&3&l] # Change the prefix of Event FindIT !
        fitstart: &6&lEvent FindIT Start! # Change the message of start !
        fitstop: &3&lFindIT is stop !# Change the message when an admin stop FindIT
        fitjoin: &6&l%player% &3&ljoin the event ! # Change the message when a player join !
        fitleave: &6&l%player% &3&lleave the event ! # Change the message when a player leave !
        fitwin: &6&l%player% find a diamond ! Welldone ! # Change the message when a player win !
        fitfinish: &3&lFindIT is finish ! # Change the message when FindIT is finish !
        fitwelldone: &6&lWelldone &3&l%player%! # Change the message for the winner !
        fitprotection: 4 # Change the protection level of the armour !

    For find the config open and when you finish type /skript reload all !

    Coming Soon

    Give me ideas, suggestions or some help !

    Video Tutorial

    I'm going to do a video tutorial in french !

    Requierment & Install
    1. Download Skript
    2. Put Skript in your folders plugins
    3. Restart You Server
    4. Put FindIT in skript/skripts
    5. Type /skript reload all

Recent Updates

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