FindMyEntities 1.0.1

Find where those (tile)entities are

  1. Dmck2b
    License: MIT

    This is a simple plugin to help you find where the main groupings of your (tile)entities are.

    Currently contains
    • Searching for tile entities/entities in
      • Loaded chunks in a specified world (or defaults to current)
      • A range from the spawn point of a specified world (or defaults to current world) (Warning, can be heavy.)
    • Configurable amount for the violation (default is 50 in a chunk)
    • Quick teleport to a chunk command
    This plugin does not stop the overflow, it just helps you find it.

    Sample commands
    • /findmyentities entities
      • Find all loaded chunks in violation of the limit of entities in the current world
    • /findmyentities tileentities world_the_end
      • Find all loaded chunks in world_the_end that violate the limit for tileentities
    • /findmyentities entities factions 15
      • Find all chunks in the world factions within 15 chunks of 0,0 that violate the entity limit
    • /teleporttochunk 0 0
      • Teleport to the corner (at y = 255) of the chunk at 0,0
    • /teleporttochunk 15 5 world_nether
      • Teleport to the corner (at y = 255) of the chunk 15,5 in the world world_nether

    Command syntaxes:
    • /findmyentities <tileentites/entities> (world) (radius)
    • /teleporttochunk <x> <z> (world)

    • findmyentities.find
    • findmyentities.teleport

Recent Updates

  1. Get the upload to work
  2. General Fixing

Recent Reviews

  1. jass98er
    Version: 1.0.1
    poorly coded plugin, not sure how it works, pretty useless. Please improve your skills then post something next.
  2. TNTUP
    Version: 1.0.1
    I recommend this plugin to find those laggy chunks if more than 50 entities configured in a chunk!