Fiona (Recoded & With Judgement Day :O) 1.6

An advanced AntiCheat solution for small and giant networks

  1. Judgement Day Reload

    When you use /fiona reload full or /fiona reload config jday doesn't get reloadead and list don't get updated, this has been fixed :)
    Enjoy Fiona 1.6!
  2. Hot Fix

    Fixed: Fly (Type A) and Speed (Type D [experimental]) false positive when you jump in slime block.
    Optimization on code!
    Enjoy Fiona 1.5!
  3. Judgement Day is here

    I launched Judgement Day with 4 new perms and 4 commands:
    /jday add (jday.add)
    /jday remove (jday.remove)
    /jday list (jday.list)
    /jday start (jday.start)

    Enjoy this update :)!
  4. Fiona 1.3 Bug fixes

    Fixed and added Fly (Type B)
    Bug fixes
  5. FIX

    Fly Type B removed
    Optimization on code for FionaBungee.
    Fixed error on 1.9 1.12.2 versions

    Enjoy this update!
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  6. Hot Fix

    Error with 1.12 Spigot server

    It's flags and ban you for Fly (Type B), and plugin can't be loaded succesfully.

    Fixed :)
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