Firework On Join (Lite) Configurable 1.0

Allows you to customize the amount of ticks for the fireworks!

  1. Haroon-y
    Haroony Jason
    Hey! I'm Haroon and I've just started coding Java! This is my first plugin at the moment and I'd like to share it with everyone out there!

    Want to give your players a nice surprise when they join the server?

    I did get some help from a few people while developing this plugin, I know it's not too major at the moment, but I hope to add many more features! :D

    This plugin will simply launch a firework with a 20 tick delay so players can look up and see the firework, however you can change this in the Config.yml

    ticks: 20

    It worked on my server, so if there are any bugs please tell me. :)

    Works with latest version of Spigot (

    Anything you want me to add? Just tell me!

    PS: We're adding a Firework Builder in the Premium version!