FireWorkArena 0.1.1

Magical pvp with fireworks!

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    Firework Arena
    Is a arena pvp plugin where multiple players battle it off with magical weapons.

    There are 3 weapons: Firewand, Arcanestaff and the IceStone.


    The Firewand is a small wand that shoots fireballs with these properties:

    • Medium fire speed
    • Low damage
    • Ignites targets for a short time
    • Small splash-damage area
    • Medium shot speed.

    The Arcanestaff is a staff that shoots arcane bolts with these properties:

    • Very low fire speed
    • High damage
    • Big splash-damage area
    • High shot speed
    • Knock back effect

    The Icestone is a stone that shoots blizzard bolts with these properties:

    • Extreme low fire speed
    • Medium damage
    • Medium splash-damage area
    • Slow effect
    • Low shot speed
    • Shoots 4 blizzard bolts

    Game modes

    Team Death Match
    Team Death Match or TDM as its referenced in the code is more like an elimination game mode where one team tries to eliminate the other team. There are no respawns, only 1 life.

    Capture The Banner
    This is a Capture the flag game type but with a banner instead. As a team you try to steal the other teams banners until they have 3 points. Point for every banner they steal. A point can only be gained if your flag is at base too.

    All that needs to be done is to put the .jar file into the plugins folder and reload/restart the server if it is running.

    - /fwa create <name> : creates an arena and puts the player into the editor mode

    -/fwa delete <name> : deletes an specified arena
    -/fwa setup <name> : puts the player into editing mode for the specified arena
    -/fwa edit <name> : puts the arena into edit mode(allows the blocks to be changed by hand)
    -/fwa join <name> : player joins the specified arena
    -/fwa spectate <name> : player starts spectating the specified arena
    -/fwa stop <name> : stops the specified arena
    -/fwa leave : player leaves the current arena
    -/fwa save : saves all current arenas(also excuted after an arena leaves editor mode)
    -/fwa reload : reloads all arenas from file
    -/fwa list : opens a list of arenas with some data
    -/fwa help : gives a menu with the commands

    description: Gives acces to all permissions
    fwa.create: true
    fwa.delete: true
    fwa.setup: true
    fwa.edit: true true
    fwa.reload: true
    fwa.list: true
    fwa.join: true
    fwa.spectate: true
    fwa.join: true
    fwa.leave: true
    fwa.stop: true​
    description: allows users to create an arena
    default: op​
    description: allows users to delete an arena
    default: op​
    description: allows users to setup an arena
    default: op​
    description: allows users to edit an arena
    default: op​
    description: allows users to save the arenas
    default: op​
    description: allows users to reload all the arenas
    default: op​
    description: allows users to see a list of all the arenas
    default: true​
    description: allows users to join an arena
    default: true​
    description: allows user to spectate an arena
    default: true​
    description: allows users to leave an arena
    default: true​
    description: allows users to stop an arena
    default: op​

    Setting up an arena
    To create an arena execute the command "/fwa create <name>". The player who executes the command will enter editor mode. The editor mode has a few tools.
    1. The axe sets the 2 outer points(note: these have to be placed so the arena build is completly inside).
    2. The pickaxe, left click the ground to add a team, right click the ground(spawnpoint of a team) to remove a team and right click the air to show the already placed spawnpoints (glowstone with teamcolor wool above it).
    3. The hoe is used to set the the lobby warp point, the lobby must be a seperate room with a iron block in it.
    4. The sword sets the spectator warp, preferably in the middle of the arena.
    5. The ingot, right click to cycle through the gamemodes currently available.
    For the arena to be complete it must have:
    • The 2 outer points set
    • 2 teams set
    • The Lobby warppoint set
    • The spectating warppoint set
    • Gamemode selected
    To exit the editor mode simply type "done" in chat, this should return your old stuff into your inventory.

    Congrats you have made yourself an arena :D

    Playing the arena
    To join an arena execute the command "/fwa join <name>". This will put the player in the lobby. When there are enough players in the lobby and all of them are readied up(to ready up right click the iron block who must be placed in the lobby). This will start the arena. The arena will stop when the gamemode requirements have been met.

    Have fun :D
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Recent Updates

  1. Fixes commands