FireworkBuilder (VIP Firework Features) 0.3.4 For 1.9 and 1.10.X

FireworkBuilder is a very extensive plugin adding loads of new firework related features! :D

  1. tjbruce17594
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Drew6017: Author tjbruce17594: Documenter/Maintainer
    ANNOUNCEMENT: The current version of FireworkBuilder (0.3.4) only supports Spigot versions 1.9/1.10.X currently. For 1.8.X users, please download that version here.

    Firework Builder is a very extensive plugin adding loads of new firework related features! Firework Builder is a create plugin for large networks to small servers. The best part about Firework Builder is that it can add "VIP" features to your server, perks that people REALLY want, but don't really add any in game advantage. This plugin can gain money for your server by persuading people to donate to unlock features contained in this plugin. From a random firework launcher, to a professional firework building GUI, and not to mention the worlds fastest firework launcher /rapidfw, this plugin is perfect for your server! This plugin has all of the same features that Hypixel's fireworks plugin does and then some.

    Update Log (0.3.4)
    • ✔ Added support for 1.10.X and 1.9 :D
    • ✔ Changes to sounds for the /rocketfw command.
    • ✔ Changes to particles
    • ✔ Outstanding code optimizations for all things having to do with multi-version compatibility
    • ✔ Several bug fixes
    • X Removed support for versions below 1.9
    • 1.8.X Support - FireworkBuilder as of version 0.3.1 supports all versions of MC! Making it very convenient.
    • 1.9 and 1.10.X Support - FireworkBuilder as of version 0.3.4 supports 1.9 and 1.10.X!
    • Random firework launcher! /fw Command - Allows players to shoot off a firework that is unique each time it is fired.
    • Firework Building GUI! - Allows players to create and save a custom firework with an user friendly GUI.
    • Rapid Firework Launcher! - Also known as the "Worlds Fastest Minecraft Firework Launch", launches random fireworks off at an EXTRAORDINARY speed of one firework per a game tick.(VERY FAST)
    • Firework Clicker! - Opens the firework clicker GUI with a firework in the middle. Every time you click the firework, a firework will be launched. This means that you can fire off fireworks as fast as you can click!
    • Magical Firework Bow and Craftable Skill Recipes! - Allow players to shoot arrows which explode into a firework! Craftable Skills allow players to craft certain recipes which give access to certain Firework commands.
    • Cooldown Timer - If you want players to be able to shoot a firework in one rank and be able to shoot one without a cooldown timer in another, this feature is for you!
    • NAME FIREWORK - This is a magical firework unlike any other. When this firework explodes, it displays your Minecraft username in the sky! This effect gives a truly unique experience. I can promise you, you will not find anything like this anywhere else in the world.
    • Awesome Gadgets and Special Effects - With cool gadgets like fireworks that float around your head and even a GIANT one that you can ride. Why wouldn't you get this for your server. P.S. The sound effect for the rocket is AWESOME!
    • Multilingual support! - English not your primary language? You can now change it to the language of your choice! Just change the language option in the config to one of the supported languages.
    • Highly customizable - You can edit nearly every bit of text in FireworkBuilder to whatever you want. Make your own FireworkBuilder today!
    • Firework Platforms! - Create awesome looking maps or throw epic item parties with this unique feature.
    • Instant Fireworks - Surprise and shock players with a sudden burst of color with this amazing feature.
    • Firework Grenade - Blow up your friends with your own throw-able firework grenade!
    • Launch Pads! - Let players travel around your lobbies in style with this re-creation of the ones found in the skywars lobby of a certain popular server
    • Automatic Updates! - Once you download FireworkBuilder, you never have to again. Each time a new version is released, the plugin is downloaded and installed.


    • /fw - Launches off a random firework
    • /fw [1-5] - Launches off a firework that has been saved in the Firework Building GUI
    • /fw [<x> <y> <z>] - Launches off a random firework at a certain set of coordinates. Supports relative locations!
    • /rapidfw [seconds] - Rapidly fires off random fireworks at the mind blowing speed of one firework per a game tick(20 fireworks a second)!
    • /rapidfw [<seconds> <x> <y> <z>] - Cousin of the /rapidfw [seconds] command. Launches a high powered stream of fireworks off at a certain location. Supports relative locations!
    • /clickfw - Allows a player to shoot off fireworks as fast as they can click!
    • /createfw - Opens the firework builder GUI
    • /givegun - Gives the player a Magical Bow
    • /craftfw - Opens the Advanced Crafting Table GUI
    • /namefw - Launches the magical name firework that displays your username across the sky upon exploding
    • /halofw - Makes fireworks float around your head throwing off particles and making noise. The effect is priceless. Caution: Very resource extensive. Recommended for very high ranks on your server.
    • /rocketfw - Launch yourself into the sky on top of your own giant rocket with custom sounds, effects, and firework model. The effect is legendary. P.S. I was very happy with this one turned out.
    • /minifw - The miniature version of the /rocketfw command. This is the actual firework entity! Anti-cheats hate this thing because it moves so fast. This fact was used to our advantage in the fact that you get teleported back to where you launched from. Fake our your friends with this derpy feature.
    • /posfw - Set the bounds of the place where fireworks can spawn with the firework platform.
    • /createfwpad - Creates a firework platform out of the bounds set by /posfw.
    • /stoppadfw - Stops a firework platform from spawning fireworks.
    • /startpadfw - Turns back on a firework platform.
    • /listpadfw - Lists all firework platforms as well as tells you which ones are running.
    • /instantfw - Explodes a firework instantly at a location.
    • /grenadefw - Gives you a firework grenade. (console supported)
    • /launchfw - Creates a launch pad out of the two points that you specified with /posfw


    • fireworkbuilder.random - Gives access to the /fw command.
    • fireworkbuilder.custom - Gives access to the Firework Builder GUI.
    • fireworkbuilder.rapid - Gives access to the /rapidfw <sec> command.
    • - Gives access to the /clickfw command.
    • - Gives access to the /fw <x> <y> <z> command.
    • fireworkbuilder.rapidxyz - Gives access to the /rapidfw <sec> <x> <y> <z>.
    • fireworkbuilder.gun - Allows players to give themselves the Magical Bow via commands.
    • fireworkbuilder.fwgun - Allows players to use the magical bow.
    • fireworkbuilder.joinfw - Shoots off a firework at the location of the player that has this permission when they join.
    • fireworkbuilder.bypass - Allows a player to bypass the cooldown timer.
    • - Gives access to the name firework. This feature should be reserved for your HIGHEST ranks.
    • fireworkbuilder.halo - Gives access to the firework halo.
    • fireworkbuilder.rocket - Gives access to a giant firework you can ride into the sky.
    • fireworkbuilder.minifw - Gives access to a mini firework you can ride into the sky.
    • fireworkbuilder.platformfw - Gives access to all firework platform management commands.
    • fireworkbuilder.instantfw - Gives access to the /instantfw command.
    • fireworkbuilder.grenadefw - Allows you to give you or another player a firework grenade.
    • fireworkbuilder.launch - Gives access to the /launchfw command.

    Config File
    Code (Text):

    #Change to false to disable players being able to learn skills
    skills: true

    #Change to set the maximum amount of time a rapidfw command can run!
    rapidfw: 10

    #Change this to set the cool down time for FireworkBuilder commands such as /fw, /rapidfw, etc
    coolDown: 15

    #Change to false to disable the cool down for all players
    isCooldownActive: true

    #This is the amount of time the firework halo will stay spawned around a players head
    fwhalo: 10

    #This is how high you want people to fly in the rocket before the ride is over
    rocketheight: 30

    #This is the language that you want the plugin to be in. Supported languages: en(English), sp(Spanish)
    language: en

    # This is how often Firework Platforms are saved. Time is in minutes. NOTE: If the server is stoped with the /stop command, Firework Platforms will be saved regardless.
    auto-saveFWP: 10
    do-auto-saveFWP: true

    Crafting Recipes

    You can find a list of all crafting recipes HERE.

    Disabling Automatic Updates
    To disable automatic updates, find the configuration option aptly named "auto-update", and change its value to false. You may also disabled auto updating in the configuration file located in the "Update" folder in your plugins directory.

    Any donation is appreciated. Thanks! Contact us to donate! :D

    Upcoming Updates/Suggestions
    • New permissions for certain feature access.
    • A customisable and automated Firework Show.
    Things That Are Going To Be In Next Update
    • Unknown

    Want something to be added? Have a suggestion? Feel free to write a comment below!

    Known Bugs

    No Known Bugs. Please report them if you find any. Thanks!

    Featured Plugins
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    Please feel free to leave a 5 star rating below and suggestions. Thanks! :)
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    Awesome work, running it on 1.8.7 only thing not really working(unless doing it wrong) is the advanced crafting system.
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      Thanks for the review! I will have a look into this problem. Make sure to check your permissions and the config file for possible errors. Check the console as well. :D
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    I really want to use this plugin on my server, but there are several things that are bothering me: 1) I disabled skills, and every time you right click on a sign, it says "crafting recipes are disabled by your administrator." and 2) /halofw and /rocketfw don't work on Spigot 1.8.7, and the console is spammed by error messages.
    1. tjbruce17594
      Author's Response
      Hello. We are aware of these bugs. Please refer this post:
      I would be happy if you could change your review but it's up to you.
      Just letting you know, FireworkBuilder is currently only for 1.8 - 1.8.4, we are working on full 1.8.7 release.
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