FireworkConfigurator 1.0.2

Easy-to-use inventory based firework configurator

  1. Sabbertran

    FireworkConfigurator is an easy-to-use configurator for fireworks.
    You can even create fireworks that aren't possible in vanilla.

    • Inventory based
    • Add as many effects as you want to you fireworks
    • easy usage

    1. Drop the JAR into your plugin folder
    2. Restart your server or load the plugin using a plugin manager
    3. Done
    • Open the main firework menu using /firework or /fw
    • On the left side you can add main colors for the firework star
    • On the right side you can add fade colors for the firework star
    • In the middle you can modify the shape of the firework star
    • On the bottom, left and right to the firework star, you can add effects to the star
    • If you click the firework star in the bottom middle, you will add the created star to the rocket
    • You can add as many stars as you want
    • If you have added all stars you want, you can click the firework rocket in the bottom left or right to continue to the power configuration
    • On the next page you can modify the power of the rocket
    • If you finished you configuration, just click the rocket and it will be added to your inventory

    • /firework - Open the main firework menu [Alias: /fw]
    • /firework - fireworkconfigurator.firework


    - Make all messages and texts in the inventory customizable
    - Implement other ways to open the menu
    - Make already added parts removeable

    More Links

    [​IMG] Source on Github
    [​IMG] Twitch (Development Livestreams)
    [​IMG] Twitter
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Recent Updates

  1. Removed external logging
  2. Config Update
  3. Bugfix

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    Version: 1.0.2
    A good plugin for my hub server! Thanks;)
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    Version: 1.0.1
    Nice plugin! works great!