FireworkPro 1.0.0

Spawns a random Firework (over you, over all sever or a specific player)

  1. RichStark
    Command and Permissions:

    - /fw
    Spawn a firework over you!
    Permission: Fireowrk.command.singleFW

    - /fw all
    Spawns a firework over all server!
    Permission: Firework.command.allFW

    - /fw [player]
    Spawna firework over a specific player
    Permission: Firework.command.targetFW

    - /fw [location]

    MORE SOON! (and automated locations)

    How to Install:

    1.- Download the File
    2.- Drag and Drop into the plugins folder.
    3.- Reload the server, (is better Stoping and Starting)
    4.- HAVE FUN!

    if you want something personalized , tell me

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed Minor Bugs

Recent Reviews

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    Version: 1.0.0